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Call-based Marketing Automation is not only for the marketing department. Yes, the insights enable you to improve budget spend and drive ROI but that’s only scratching the surface. By leveraging this colourful insight your CRM team is able to retain and grow existing customers, while your call centre team delivers a superior service – increasing conversion rates in the process.

Discover what Call-based Marketing Automation with call tracking means for you, your colleagues and partners.

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Understanding marketing performance is critical for marketers today. Determining what makes the phone ring - be it a keyword, specific web pages of content - means that the online journey can be optimised to reduce the cost per acquisition and attribute calls back to marketing spend, thus increasing the marketing ROI with offline conversions

Call-based Marketing Automation creates seamless transitions from online to offline and back again - making sure that every touch point in the journey adds value and contributes to better quality customer engagement, which in turn drives conversion, builds brand loyalty and increases transaction value.

Contact Centre

Providing excellent customer experience is an imperative for call centres. With ResponseTap Call-based Marketing Automation you can route your calls more accurately based on the digital journey of every caller. Whilst on the call, your agents can access all the data they need to help continue the customer’s journey from the point at which they left their online research. You can even see how many times they have called and what they looked at on your site in between calls.


Call-based Marketing Automation creates a seamless experience for your customers by giving your sales teams their online journey from first click, through every click until they call. If they call again, the data rolls up the same; connected and cohesive. Know your customers even better and give them an amazing brand experience they are going to want to shout about. Upsell, cross-sell and service your customers better than ever before.


You are already using lots of technology to optimise and measure online campaigns, but are you integrating the offline part of the customer journey for your clients? In most instances, the work you are doing online is also driving offline engagement, often resulting in sales.

Call-based Marketing Automation enables agencies to establish a single truth across the customer journey, by integrating all your existing online tools to the phone call. This means that when a customer calls you can see their journey click by click – enabling you to optimise campaigns based on truths, not assumptions, and attribute revenue generated over the phone back to your original campaigns.

Affiliate Networks

If you are only tracking affiliate sales online, then you could be missing a trick. ResponseTap Call-based Marketing Automation enables you to track sales over the phone and provides an unparalleled level of accurate information, linking the phone call back to the online journey of the customer. This means you can accurately see which Advertiser initiated the sale – ultimately opening up your Network to Advertisers whose products predominately sell over the phone and to offline publishers – safe in the knowledge that you can attribute sales successfully by offering them PayPerCall campaign tracking.


We help over 1,600 brands to understand which marketing activities drive their inbound calls, enabling them to increase marketing ROI through insightful campaign optimisation whilst delivering insights to drive improvements in the customer experience.

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Agency partners

We've partnered with many SEO, PPC, social, affiliate, digital and full service agencies who've chosen to use our call analytics technology for their clients. With over 70% of the UK’s digital marketing agencies using our products, you're in good hands.

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