US Minute Charges (UK Tariff)

Where applicable calls have a per minute charge (as well as the Call Connection Charge per call) and are charged per minute. Peak times are from 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday GMT and all other times are classed as off peak.These charges are for calls that are generated from within the UK. Any calls generated from outside the UK may have additional charges associated with them.

When Forwarding a Call Tracking Number To a Geographic or Toll Free* Number in the UK
Call Tracking Number TypePeakOff Peak
Non-geographic (0843, 0844)FREEFREE
Non-geographic (0845)$0.015/minute$0.025/minute
Toll Free (0808 or 0800)$0.07/minute$0.07/minute
Geographic (01, 02, 03)$0.035/minute$0.035/minute


*You will also be paying your telecoms provider for the calls to their toll free numbers as well as the fees listed in this document.

The UK rates above show the most common call tracking and destination number combinations and these combinations are available by default. If you require a different combination the full UK rate sheet is available here. You will need to request via your account manager if you wish to use the extended rate sheet.