To help you target, acquire, retain and grow customers, ResponseTap Call-Based Marketing automation leverages our Get, Learn, Use philosophy in combination with our visitor call tracking platforms – rtap-insight and rtap-performance.


rtap-insight enables multi-channel attribution and enhances the single customer view with a unified analytics platform, which seamlessly links the online customer journey with offline phone calls.

The data from rtap-insight can be seamlessly integrated into your existing data infrastructure providing you with a complete picture of your customers' online and offline journey. rtap-Insight also comes with a host of advanced features and reporting to give you accurate and granular information on every click your customers make.

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ResponseTap’s call tracking technology has a number of additional features which can help to enhance many aspects of your business, such as helping to maximizing sales opportunities and make operational improvements.

Invisible Dynamic Number Replacement

Most call tracking services rely on JavaScript to change the phone number on the web page (as do we), but this usually results in the visitor seeing the number change quickly from your standard number to a call tracking number. This “number flicker” can distract or confuse some visitors, which can result in fewer calls to your business. To solve this issue we pioneered an Invisible Dynamic Number Replacement solution, which prevents this “number flicker” in most situations.

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Dynamic Call Routing

Route your calls according to how visitors have found your website, enabling you to direct the calls to the best team, department or person within your business.

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Missed Call Email Alert

If you are unable to answer a call for whatever reason this feature will send you an email as soon as you miss the call. This allows you to call back potential customers so you can recover lost leads and close more deals. The email will include information about the caller’s telephone number, how they found your website, which keywords they used, and other relevant information about the call.

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Dynamic Call Whisper

The call whisper feature allows you to type in a short phrase that can be read out to the call handler before and/or after a call. This allows the call handler to be told more information about the caller so they can handle each call more effectively.

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Call Recording

Hear what your customers are saying and how the calls are handled by your staff. The recordings are available for 30 days via your ResponseTap dashboard and can be very effective when used for internal training and monitoring. If you enable this feature we will also automatically play a call recording notification message to comply with legal requirements, so you are automatically covered.

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Call Benchmarking

Evaluate calls based on their length. The duration of a call is often a good indication of its quality and you can define as many benchmarks as you wish. The first benchmark may be to identify a call that is too short and therefore probably dropped during your IVR message. Longer durations could be flagged as likely hot leads or sales. You can use this feature alongside other features to customise reporting and provide better integrations.

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Sales and Lead Tracking

Sales and lead data can be logged in numerous ways against each phone call so that you can track the ROI of your marketing.

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Post Call IVR

Collect real-time feedback from your call handlers by asking them to use their keypad to respond to a fully customisable set of menu options, which can be setup through an easy to use menu builder. Custom outcomes can be defined to help understand the quality, type and value of each call, or to capture reference numbers that support integration with internal reporting tools.

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Using ResponseTap’s call tracking service you can finally collect accurate data that links your online and offline customer behaviour at the most granular level, but collecting the data is only half the solution.



The dashboard provides a snapshot of phone call and visitor data to help you quickly and easily identify trends. It will give you a snapshot view of the performance of your marketing.

You can also use these reports to review your call handling and see your performance over time, so you can quickly determine whether your marketing decisions are having a positive impact or not.

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Caller Locations

ResponseTap is usually able to identify which locations your phone calls are coming from based on the SDT code, not IP address, so you can examine which areas are proving to be most lucrative for your business.

You may find a number of surprises in the results and you can use this information to better plan future campaigns to target high response areas. Similarly if you are targeting specific areas, you can quickly identify any ‘leakage’ from the campaign and react accordingly. It also enables you to create regional, targeted offers based on demand both online and offline.

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Visitor History

This report shows you how each visitor is interacting with your business both via your website and over the phone over time, including how they find your website, what keywords they use and what web pages they look at before during and after they call your business.

You can see how often they return, providing an insight into customer behaviour. You can also see the conversion page that the caller was looking at when they picked up the phone to call you. This insight enables you to identify your top performing pages so you can focus on improving your conversion rate by making improvements to the visitor journey.

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Call Log

The call log provides you with an individual record of every call. This includes campaign and traffic source information, what search phrase they used and whether the call resulted in a lead or a sale, including the sale value.

You will also see the time and date of the call and the duration, so you can examine how the call was handled within your business. From here you can listen to a call recording of the actual conversation that took place, which can be used for staff training or simply for confirming the outcome of the call.

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Keyword Report

Find out exactly which search phrases generate phone calls to your business. ResponseTap reports on every keyword and search phrase automatically, including long tail and misspellings, so you do not have to waste time setting up which keywords you would like to track.

This report details each keyword that has produced at least one phone call into your business during the reporting period, showing you the number of unique, repeat and withheld calls for each. In many cases search phrases which are thought to be low converting and ineffective are proven to produce good results through offline telephone sales.

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Visit Information

You are able to further determine why visitors behave the way they do by using their visit information to understand how their browser, operating system, location or even screen size is affecting their online experience.

This report includes; IP address, browser, operating system, location (based on IP address), screen resolution, color settings and other system settings.

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Call Overview

You can see the volume of calls associated with your marketing campaigns and how it changes over time to identify the best performing marketing. Additionally we report on the average call duration for each of your marketing campaigns so you can identify which are driving the best quality leads.

This information helps you to fine tune your marketing to ensure that you get the best return on investment. The Calls Over Time report can also help to review staffing needs based on call patterns or help identify how changes to copy affect call.

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Conversion Attribution Report

This report allows you to see the aggregated count of campaigns which contribute towards each phone call conversion, so you can see how each piece of marketing contributes to your overall marketing performance.

This allows you to identify which traffic sources are most frequently involved in driving telephone calls, and therefore which are most important in your marketing mix.

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