Posted 11 April 2013

Why Web Analytics alone is not enough

Why Web Analytics alone is not enough

An excuse that people often use for not using call tracking is that they simply don’t need it. They think that because they use web analytics to track sales, they don’t need to use anything else to measure the ROI of their marketing. Unless you offer online sales and online sales alone this is not the case.

If you provide customers with the option of buying by phone, without call tracking you will not see where these sales are originating from. A multichannel sales approach is a sensible option that many people are taking these days, because whilst experts expect online sales to rise by 12% in 2013 there are still 22% of people that state they would never buy online even if they research on the Internet. If you are offering a variety of ways to purchase, you need to take every sale into account when measuring the effectively of your marketing mix. If this is the case, web analytics is not enough.

Web analytics does a lot in that it will trace the source of an online sale, but in the same way call tracking software will identify the origins of every call, and enables you to identify those that progress to a lead or a sale. Most call tracking services will integrate with web analytics. This means that every sale made as a result of your marketing can be attributed accurately and the outcomes can be seen in one place. You can plan your future marketing budgets more efficiently including the keywords targeted in your SEO and PPC.

Having a holistic picture of the keywords generating sales can dictate how you spend money on PPC campaigns and how you handle your future SEO. With such 34,000 searches on Google per second, search engine marketing is an important investment for any business and ensuring you are using keywords in your website that will eventually trigger sales is essential. Your phone sales may be generated by totally different keywords to your online sales and if you are not taking these keywords into account means you might lose potential business..

If you are marketing your business on the Internet with a website, content marketing, social media or on search engines, and if you sell offline, web analytics alone is not enough to ensure you have visibility of the total number of leads and sales your marketing produces. Without incorporating other marketing analytics such as call tracking you will only ever see part of the picture and never really understand what the true ROI of your marketing is.

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