Posted 12 November 2013

Why mobile devices deliver three times as many sales as you might think

Our CIO, Mark Emmett, recently gave a fascinating talk at JUMP exploring how mobile devices have transformed customer sales paths and the overall customer experience.

What was fascinating from Mark’s talk was how many brands still underestimate the impact of mobile as a sales channel and how this comes down to attribution.

The issue is that most brands only track sales conversions when they take place within the mobile browser. In reality, most consumers research brands on a mobile device but often then choose to purchase over the phone.

For example, our data shows that although 0.4% of those browsing on their mobile will then also transact via a mobile browser, when you include calls made from a smartphone this figure jumps to 1.3% – over three times higher. Check out the graphic below for how conversion rates on other devices are similarly impacted by adding in phone sales.


For us, the implication is clear: you have to track and analyse your telephone calls to fully understand how customers are researching and purchasing your products. Only then can you ensure you are optimising your marketing spend across platforms and devices correctly.
According to the IAB, £526m is spent annually on mobile advertising alone in the UK – a figure that is set to grow exponentially in the next few years.  So it really does make sense for brands to get a grip of this now.press2

If you’re interested in learning more about which of your mobile marketing campaigns drive phone calls to your businesses and how we can help you join up customer journeys across on and offline channels, get in touch.

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