Posted 08 March 2013

Why are keywords important for successful SEO?

Why are keywords important for successful SEO?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, has been an important part of most business’s online marketing strategy since webmasters and content managers began optimising sites for search engines in the mid-1990s. Businesses quickly noticed the need for visibility on the internet and with the introduction of the largest search engine in the world; Google, in 2004, companies began investing more into SEO than ever.

Over half of people, 58.4% in fact, never look past the top three listings on Google and so getting into those top three listings is priceless. Successful SEO will lead to more traffic, but truly successful SEO for a business will also lead to more sales. To create more productive traffic; traffic that leads to sales, you should find out which keywords people are searching for that lead to visits that in turn lead to a sale. It is only these searches that are positively contributing to your bottom line and you should focus on these keywords within your SEO to maximise the return on investment that you get from your SEO marketing spend.


You can measure which keywords are leading to online sales with web analytics, which will show you the process that a visitor went through in order to get to the point of buying online. Call tracking systems can then integrate with web analytics to bridge the gap between online advertising and offline phone conversions. Whilst, with ecommerce revenue rising by 18.9% since 2010, it is vital to measure the number of online sales, it is also important to measure offline phone sales as well in order to ensure you are seeing a holistic picture of the success of your SEO. Research from Harris Interactive still shows that 54% of consumers still prefer some form of human interaction before making a purchase and you may find that whilst one keyword is producing a large number of online sales, a different keyword could be leading to the same number of telephone sales. This means that both of these keywords are equally important as they are producing the same number of sales, but it is only by using web analytics integrated with call tracking that you can see how important both of these keywords are.

Research from Econsultancy shows that search engine users overwhelmingly click on organic listings over paid results on Google and Bing; 94% to 6%, and so SEO is one of the most important kinds of digital marketing to get right. By making use of all of the marketing monitoring systems at your disposal you can continue to ensure your SEO strategy is successful and maximise the number of sales that your online marketing produces.

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