Posted 11 June 2014

Using Click to Call with ResponseTap

Using Click to Call with ResponseTap

Research by Google has proved the popularity of shopping online; 79% of people use their phone for help with shopping and 74% of mobile shoppers end up making a purchase, but it also showed that people are still using their mobiles for what they were originally designed for:  While people go on to buy online and in store, over a third of them go on to buy over the phone.

A phone call is something to be encouraged by those businesses that sell via phone.  It gives a company the opportunity to create a relationship, answer questions more specifically than any FAQ section could and give a more personal customer experience.  It also gives call handlers the chance to up and cross sell.  These are just some many reasons that 65% of businesses consider leads via phone their most promising.  

In order to make calling their business from a mobile browser visit as easy as possible, many businesses are using a ‘click to call’ function on their website, so that instead of having to write a number from the website down – not always possible on the move – a customer can call their business with one click.  70% of smartphone users now use click-to-call to call businesses directly.  

ResponseTap enables those using our Call-based Marketing Automation to track the customer journey from these clicks including sales made via phone.  Our technology displays a unique tracking number for each ‘click to call’ call, so you can follow the customer’s journey in the same way as you can with other phone leads.  A large number of our clients and agency partners make use of this feature.

Agency partner Passion Digital first started using ‘click to call’ in AdWords advertising campaigns in 2012.  They wanted to encourage browsers to call instead of clicking through to their website, because as an agency they always prefer to speak to potential clients directly.  They also felt that displaying a ‘call’ button within adverts reassures browsers as they know there is someone they can speak with before they visit the website.  

Passion Digital still wanted to be able to see where these calls were coming from in order to measure the results of their ads, so they use ResponseTap’s click to call technology.  David Ashbolt, Head of PPC, said “We use Response Tap to track all our calls and through the use of single numbers we can use them in call extensions as a ‘click to call’ feature. This gives us even more insight into how effective the click to call feature is and the quality of leads they result in.”

They have seen a steady increase in click to call calls in the past two years, and they believe a lot of this is down to more people investing in smartphones and using them to browse the internet.  Because of this trend, they also suggest to all their clients that they use click to call.

“We always suggest click to call to our clients as it gives them a far greater chance of generating leads/business and as an agency we want to be able to track every possible lead from the work that we do for them,”  continued Dave Ashbolt.  “For all of our clients who use Response Tap, it’s one of the first things we set up in AdWords with the help of the ResponseTap single numbers. The way we set these up means we can track click to call calls in Google AdWords and Analytics and we can monitor each call in ResponseTap as well.

It is a huge help to make our clients’ advertising more cost efficient and to increase the number of leads from phone calls.”

If you would like more information on how to use ‘click to call’ with our call-based marketing automation, get in touch.

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