Posted 18 December 2009

Testing the WebRoute tracking code

Testing the WebRoute tracking code

A common problem with new clients testing their tracking code and rules is that they do not see the expected number on the website which contains the tracking code when entering from various tracking sources.

By default, our WebRoute system sets a cookie on the visitors browser with the initial tracking number which was served. An example is that if a customer first visits the site from a PPC source, and later comes back from an organic search for the company name, the visitor will see the PPC tracking number which we stored in the cookie. This allows the business to attribute the potential sale/lead by phone to the PPC click which costs the business money.

Clients must correctly clean all cookies from the browser they are testing WebRoute on. This means that the domain cookies are correctly deleted.

QUICK TIP: When using Firefox you can install the developer toolbar, which will allow you to only delete the cookies for the domain you are concerned with (this saves all your other stored data for other websites)

  1. Install web developer toolbar
  2. Load website with tracking code installed (i.e. your website)
  3. Click on the “Cookies” menu item
  4. Click on “Delete Domain Cookies”

For testing purposes, you can now navigate away from the site and return via a different traffic source which will allow you to see the right tracking number for that entry source.

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