Posted 07 October 2014

Students love social – but the power still lies with the voice

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As technology becomes further advanced throughout the years, there are some that stay more attuned to these changes and adapt more quickly to the cause…that’s right, those teens and students, part of Generation Z

Consumers within this age range will be driven by social recommendations – word of mouth in 140 characters – alongside advocacy of brands on their Facebook and Twitter feeds from friends, fans and followers. Their customer journey on a brand’s site may be shorter, as they tend to look to others for advice and general experience. This, in turn, makes them more shrewd when it comes to finalising a purchase; when making any purchase, students and teenagers won’t spend through the nose as they are often financially more limited than their older counterparts.

We recently did some global research around the customer journey, and how important aspects of going from online to offline are for consumers, finding that half of teenagers and students (50%) would feel more confident purchasing a high value product if the call centre operator was someone they could either relate to, or if it was someone who had bought similar product and could therefore recommend from a personal point of view.

66% of respondents felt that the most important thing when on the phone to a company was that they were put through to a well-informed person on the other end of the line that solves the problem, with 62% feeling that through that company or brand being well informed, they would gain a peace of mind and confidence in the purchase.

Half of those questioned perform their research online, but as evidenced above, they value speaking to someone in order to verify the facts they have found themselves. Students and teenagers are also happier for their search histories to be used as they recognise that this would save time and hassle – which is not something those aged 35+ would be comfortable with.

Students and teenagers can be seen to form their own opinions on brands, companies and purchases, possibly asserting what people may suggest is a level new-found independence in their lives. Their offline purchases will subsequently be shared either online on social media or by word of mouth, with 64% of 16-24s will to share the fact that they received great customer service with their family and friends in conversation.

Though students and teenagers may spread the word online, they will often make a phone call to make sure the research they’ve done is correct. They value the human voice, and will therefore take the customer journey offline to become more reassured. There is more than online when it comes to making a purchase.

Read our full whitepaper here to find out more about how voice is the new relationship milestone.

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