Posted 25 April 2013

Stepping up your content marketing with infographics and video

Stepping up your content marketing with infographics and video

A large number of companies have turned to content marketing to increase customer engagement as well as improve search engine rankings, but with 70% of companies increasing their content marketing budget this year and only 1% reducing it, the internet is in danger of being flooded with content. This means that businesses now don’t just have to worry about ensuring their content is interesting and relevant, but they have to make theirs stand out from the crowd and draw people in.

Here are two ways in which businesses have been doing this:

  1. Infographics – If you have information to get across; a statistic that justifies your business’s very existence, then you want to share it with the world, but as 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text, why not share it in a visually attractive format to get as many people to digest this information instead of just scanning it. The arguments are compelling; high quality infographics are 30 times more like to be read and publishers that use infographics also generate 12% more traffic than those that don’t, as I found out from this infographic.
  2. Video – Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much you describe a product, nothing beats showing your customer the product. This would be particularly relevant for products where it is important that they look good such as furniture or clothing, or a product that needs explaining, such as call tracking, where a visual representation would help illustrate the main benefits. Video can also be used for testimonials and demonstrations, and the use of videos has been shown to attract 300% more traffic, which is of course one of the main points of content marketing.

Some businesses might argue that infographics and videos are more expensive to create than just plain text content, but if you are engaging people more and generating more leads and sales, it is money worth investing. By monitoring the effectiveness of your visual content marketing with website analytics and visitor level call tracking, you can see which have the highest return on investment and this can further guide you in how you can target the 65% of people that are visual learners, and those of us that are just drawn in by a visually stimulating and/or interactive experience.

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