Posted 02 January 2013

ResponseTap’s 2012 Highlights (formerly AdInsight)

ResponseTap’s 2012 Highlights (formerly AdInsight)

2012 has been a busy year for ResponseTap, formerly AdInsight. Here are our top 5 highlights of 2012:

  1. In May 2012 ResponseTap, at the time called AdInsight, received an investment from prominent technology investment company Eden Ventures, enabling us to invest in infrastructure, innovate at an even faster pace, develop a wider product range and increase our staffing by over 100%. It also escalated plans for international expansion.
  2. The increase in staffing levels necessitated more space, so in June 2012 we moved into larger and newly refurbished offices taking over a whole floor of Furness House in Salford Quays. The new office was designed but employees weren’t shown the plans until the new office was actually unveiled, complete with open plan desk space, indoor garden and state of the art conference and meeting rooms. We were also pleased to open our London office later on in the year in November, providing a base to better service our many customers in the South.
  3. Commitment to product development is something we are well known for at ResponseTap, so we were pleased to announce the development of our new call tracking service designed specifically for the affiliate marketplace; rtap-performance, at A4U in October. rtap-performance will enable Networks to provide a Pay Per Call solution to Advertisers, and calls driven to Advertisers can be correctly attributed to the relevant Publisher and commission can be paid accordingly. rtap-performance means that Pay Per Call campaigns can be tracked in the same ways as any other campaign, and can benefit Advertisers, Publishers and Networks by providing complete transparency between the three.
  4. In November, to support our plans for international development, we were excited to unveil our new name and brand, and AdInsight became ResponseTap. The name and new look were designed to reflect commitment to product development and growth, and marked the start of a new era; further establishing us as the leaders in voice-centric marketing technology across the UK and moving into the US and Canada.
  5. Plans for international expansion progressed in November with the opening of our US office based in New York. This marked the release of our innovative call tracking technology in North America and Canada, and businesses in the US and Canada can now monitor the ROI of their online and offline marketing with our market leading call tracking technology.
  6. Whilst 2012 has been a fast paced year, here at ResponseTap there are certainly no plans to slow down. We are looking forward to the release of rtap-performance early in the New Year as well as other planned product developments, and will continue leading the way in call tracking technology and more.
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