Posted 19 October 2012

ResponseTap to Launch a New Affiliate Network Product to Track Which Publishers Drive Quality Phone Calls

ResponseTap to Launch a New Affiliate Network Product to Track Which Publishers Drive Quality Phone Calls

rtap-performance will provide phone call analytics for advertisers, networks and publishers, allowing publishers to promote advertisers PayPerCall campaigns and monetise phone call conversions, via affiliate networks.

ResponseTap, (, the leading provider of call tracking and call analytics solutions in the UK, announced today that it will be launching rtap-performance, an enhancement of its flagship product rtap-insight, that enables users to track which publishers are driving phone calls to their business.

ResponseTap’s call tracking and analytics solutions are designed to help businesses improve marketing ROI and operational efficiency.

rtap-performance enables users to track calls from PayPerCall campaigns adding an additional dimension to standard online affiliate programmes. Powered by rtap-insight, which provides full reports on every website visitor before, during and after each phone call, rtap-performance provides rich data that is collected, processed and delivered according to the unique requirements of the performance and affiliate market.

The new product collects and validates data relating to every phone call, which it then makes available to the advertisers and affiliate networks. This allows the network to pay the correct commission due to the publisher in return for the quality calls generated for the advertiser.

rtap-performance provides complete transparency, ensuring that advertisers, affiliate networks and publishers can all trust, use and benefit from PayPerCall marketing.

Ross Fobian, co-founder and CEO of ResponseTap said:
“The growth in PayPerCall marketing has been good over the last couple of years, but the existing technology has limited the potential of this market. rtap-performance provides a more transparent solution, with a richer data set, to allow for better optimisation and therefore greater revenue for all parties. Phone calls generally convert better than online enquiries and are worth more to a business. That’s why advertisers are willing to pay more for them. The PayPerCall market is going to be huge and the affiliate industry needs to adapt quickly and embrace the latest technology to avoid being left behind.”

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