Posted 24 November 2008

ResponseTap Integrates With Google Analytics

ResponseTap Integrates With Google Analytics

Track your website’s telephone sales calls directly into Google Analytics TM.

As of today ResponseTap is the only call tracking solution available in the UK capable of tracking calls and injecting this conversion metric into Google Analytics TM.

Some of our existing clients asked if it was possible to integrate ResponseTap into Google Analytics TM, so that call tracking data could be recorded next to other actionable items, like newsletter signups and email enquiries.

We took on this challenge on with great enthusiasm and we think the results are fantastic. With our solution there is no need to install any scripts on your website or create any new pages. You simply enter some information about your Google Analytics TM account into your ResponseTap control panel and setup a Goal in Google Analytics TM. Once you have successfully completed these tasks your call data is shown in Google Analytics TM.

Google Analytics TM then calculates the conversion rates based on traffic volumes. It can also be used to better track which PPC keywords generated phone calls.

You can also set the value of each goal or, if you are using the touch tone sales tracking feature, you can setup ResponseTap to dynamically inject the value of the sale. This then allows you to easily see the per visit goal value.

All this information can then be used to track the ROI of different advertising mediums.

If you are interested in this service or any other services we offer and require less than one hundred 0844 tracking numbers you can simply signup online and your account and phone numbers will be setup instantly, so you can start tracking your advertising campaigns right away.

If you require more than 100 numbers or would like alternative tracking numbers, like local numbers or free phone numbers, please call us on 08449 10 90 20 and we will get you setup as soon as possible.

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