Posted 24 September 2014

ResponseTap Founder Ross Fobian Wins Young Entrepreneur Of The Year At London Loves Excellence Awards 2014

ResponseTap Founder Ross Fobian Wins Young Entrepreneur Of The Year At London Loves Excellence Awards 2014

London, 24th September: Ross Fobian, the CEO and co-founder of Call-based Marketing Automation company ResponseTap has today taken home the prestigious ‘Young Entrepreneur of the Year’ award at the London Loves Excellence Awards.

The award, presented by, celebrates “drive, ambition, vision and tenacity” including “inspirational leadership, inventiveness and confidence.” Winners must also demonstrate significant levels of growth and financial performance as well as how they have achieved these through innovative culture, market awareness and operational efficiency. 

Ross Fobian was picked as a winner by an elite panel of eight judges, beating hundreds of other young entrants also aged 30 years or under. 

After launching a string of successful businesses whilst still studying at University, Ross and co-founder Richard Hamnett came up with the idea for ResponseTap in 2008 over a pint.  The company now has over 1,600 customers in the UK and USA, 550 digital agency partners and offices in London, Manchester, New York and Atlanta. 

ResponseTap has established itself as the marketing leader in Call-based Marketing Automation, which recognises the significance of the online and offline world for the connected consumer and for the brands of today, with the overall aim to leverage online insights to improve the offline customer experience and journey.

have won the Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award at this year’s ceremony.  ResponseTap has achieved an enormous amount in a short space of time and after successfully securing a £4m round of Series B funding this year, we are determined to continue to disrupt the market and give great opportunities to a team of seriously talented people. I’m very proud of how far we’ve come as a company and want to say a huge thank you to the whole ResponseTap team who have been intrinsic to our success.”

Sophie Hobson, editor of, commented: “Ross is exactly the type of entrepreneur that these awards celebrate. Together with his business partner Richard Hamnett, they’ve hatched a unique idea, executed it, and scaled it impressively. The growth of the business is testament to their leadership, and it’s a really innovative business that looks set to go far”.

The Young Entrepreneur of the Year was awarded by London Loves Excellence 2014, presented by London Loves Business. To see other categories and more information visit

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