Posted 24 May 2010

ResponseTap Call Tracking Tracks an Unlimited Number of Keywords

ResponseTap Call Tracking Tracks an Unlimited Number of Keywords

ResponseTap’s call tracking is a visitor level call tracking solution; this means that it will track every visitor to your website through to an offline phone call. It does this by providing a unique telephone number to every visitor, so that when that unique phone number is called we know which exact visitor is calling and because we store all the visitor information we can report on every keyword that generates telephone enquiries.

This means that no matter how many different keywords your visitors use to find your website; you will be able to track them all, even the long tail keywords. But that’s not all: We store all the visitor information, so we can also tell you if the visitor has come from an organic search or PPC, if they went to your website directly or clicked on an email, if they clicked on a banner or found your website through a press release, or even if they found you through an affiliate. No matter how your visitors are finding you, ResponseTap will be able to report this information back to you.

A new term that’s being going around recently is ‘keyword level call tracking’, but we feel this term is rather limiting because ResponseTap does so much more. ResponseTap is a ‘visitor level call tracking’ solution, which really incorporates all of the following:

• Keyword call tracking
• PPC call tracking
• SEO call tracking
• Affiliate call tracking
• Offline call tracking
• And more

We have clients that use hundreds of thousands of keywords in their PPC campaigns and until recently it has not been possible to track all of these search phrases very accurately. Older call tracking solutions have needed to use a 1-to-1 keyword match, where each keyword has a specific tracking number. This is accurate but there are simply not enough phone numbers for this to be effective. Other methods have used a 1-to-many keyword match, but this does not provide the level of accuracy required to properly optimise search campaigns. With visitor level call tracking, you are tracking the visitor not the keyword, so you are able to get complete accuracy with your call tracking.

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