Posted 25 July 2012

New reports added to the ResponseTap (formerly AdInsight) suite

New reports added to the ResponseTap (formerly AdInsight) suite

ResponseTap (formerly AdInsight) has added two new reports to its suite as part of our continuing research and development programme aimed at providing actionable information to help businesses optimise their marketing investment.

Conversion Attribution Report

The conversion attribution report allows businesses to see the aggregated count of campaigns which appear in a path to a phone call conversion, so they are able to identify which traffic sources are most frequently involved in driving new leads and therefore which are most important in the marketing mix. Ultimately, this means a business can better understand how each campaign contributes to their bottom line.

Conversion Pages Report

To help businesses identify which pages are making people pick up the phone to call them and to give crucial insight about how people are using their website we have developed the conversion pages report. This provides valuable information about what content is driving conversions so a business can optimise their website for better results.

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