Posted 14 March 2013

Integrating a call tracking system into your marketing analytics

Integrating a call tracking system into your marketing analytics

In a digital world full marketing metrics it can seem overwhelming to collate all of the data available to reach a definitive conclusion on how your marketing is performing and what your marketing ROI is, but it is only by collecting this data and using it to create reports on the effectiveness on your marketing that you can realise the highest amount of revenue it is possible for your company to make.

To effectively measure your marketing ROI you need to take into account every sale that your marketing produces. This can be done by integrating all of your marketing management and analytics tools in order that you can view a holistic picture of the efficiency of every aspect of your marketing. You need to be able to report on both online and offline sales generated by every marketing channel you use; SEO, PPC, social media, content marketing, email marketing as well as offline marketing such as leaflets, TV, radio, press and outdoor media. You can achieve this by integrating various tools such as website analytics, CRMs, bid management systems and call tracking technology, to ensure that every trackable sale is incorporated in your measurements, allowing you to build better profiles of your customers and gain additional insights

Visitor level call tracking software is a great piece of technology for measuring your marketing; bridging the gap between online marketing and offline phone conversions. Used alone, a call tracking system can give you information on sales made by phone. However, one of the many benefits of ResponseTap’s call tracking system is the fact that it can integrate with almost every software solution, including CRMs, web analytics tools, such as Google Analytics, and bid management systems. These integrations will enable a business to view online to offline conversions in the same place, and factor call conversions into the management of ongoing customer relationships, PPC campaigns and SEO strategy.

Google is the big name that jumps out with regards to analytics tools, and our easy integration with Google Analytics (GA) is one of our most popular features. At least 56% of all websites use Google Analytics, some of whom use it alongside Google AdWords for their paid adverts. If you are one of the many using Google’s software, integrating ResponseTap’s call tracking system into your GA account and subsequently linking to your adwords account will enable you to see phone call conversions within your Analytics and AdWords account. This can help you to make more informed decisions about how to allocate your PPC advertising spend and where to focus your SEO efforts.

Google may be a big name but it is by no means the only integration we offer. You can integrate ResponseTap call tracking into most other web analytics programmes, as well as bid management systems such as Marin Software. Bid management systems help businesses to set bids on PPC campaigns according to desired outcomes, and by integrating call tracking technology with them, you can optimise results for both online conversions and call conversions side by side.

Many businesses use tag management companies such as Tag Man and Qubit to manage the code of their website, and our software can be used to easily implement our call tracking technology into your website in the shortest amount of time. This is ideal for larger websites or sites with a high number of products being shown, as it will make a potentially lengthy manual process, a simple automated one.

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Businesses also often have a CRM, Customer Relationship Management system, and by integrating a call tracking system into a CRM, providing one source of information about each customer; not only is the call handler provided with information about a specific customer’s previous bookings with the company, they are also provided with detailed information about what they have been researching prior to making the call. This serves to inform the call handler and provide valuable insight which helps them to deliver a tailored solution and highlight additional sales opportunities.

By using a call tracking system you can measure how your online marketing is affecting your offline phone sales, but by additionally integrating into other marketing analytics systems within your marketing management system, you can get a completely holistic picture of how effective and efficient your marketing is, and how you might improve it in the future; reducing inefficient marketing spend and optimising your marketing ROI.

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