Posted 19 December 2012

How to Optimise your PPC with Call Tracking Technology

How to Optimise your PPC with Call Tracking Technology

Pay Per Click is a commonly used pay per action form of advertising, where you can bid for advertising space in the ‘sponsored’ area of a search engine such as Google and only pay the amount you have bid if an individual clicks on that advert and is directed to your website. How high your advert appears on the sponsored area depends on whether or not you are the highest bidder on the ad space as well as your ‘quality score’, which is a summary measurement of your business history and the perceived relevancy of your website to the search term you want to bid on.

It can be difficult to decide which keywords to bid on, and how much to bid. You can get an idea of the most popular terms on the Google keyword tool; if the current demand is high they will most likely be more expensive, and then to start with you can choose words and phrases you believe people would search to find the product or service you supply. In order to optimise the Return On Investment you get from your PPC advertising campaign you need to monitor the results regularly. By using Web Analytics you can see the amount of online sales you are generating as a result of a PPC advert, but with research from Kelsey showing that phone calls convert up to 45% of the time compared to the 3% of website visits, many businesses prefer to encourage customers to call them, but is it possible to assess how effective your PPC campaigns at generating telephone conversions? The answer is yes, with keyword level call tracking technology. Keyword level call tracking means that every visitor to your website is allocated a unique telephone number so their journey can be tracked when they call, identifying what they looked at before, during and after a call, if they used search which keyword they used to initially find the site and whether it was an organic or PPC listing that was clicked on. With this data you can fine tune your PPC advertising in the 3 following ways:

  1. Optimise ad spend: By seeing which keywords and phrases are producing calls as opposed to just visitors, you can then focus on these search terms.
  2. Improve lead quality: Of the phone leads you get, you can see which are progressing to sales and therefore establish which keywords are producing the most profitable leads and further focus on those words and phrase.
  3. Demonstrate the true ROI of your PPC: By comparing the revenue made as a result of your PPC including sales made by phone compared to the amount spent on your PPC campaign, you can see whether it is marketing activity that is providing a good Return On Investment

When it comes to the success of your PPC, call tracking could be integral in proving which strategies are working and which are not. Keywords previously thought to be low converting and ineffective could actually be generating valuable calls that are leading to sales. You could find that keywords previously thought to be high achieving because of the amount of traffic they drive are actually producing little to no sales. It is only by integrating web analytics and call tracking that you can get a truly holistic picture of the ROI on your PPC.

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