Posted 19 June 2014

How Solidor optimised their calls using ResponseTap

How Solidor optimised their calls using ResponseTap

Solidor are a company that manufacture quality timber-core solid composite doors, which they then provide for specialist installers all around the UK.  When recreating their website they decided that they wanted to do more than just market their products; they wanted to be able to point potential customers towards an installer in their area to streamline the customer journey and make it as easy as possible for customers to buy and install one of Solidor’s doors.

Whilst they knew that they could redirect browsers to an installer’s website or use a call back or contact form, they also knew that when people are buying a product of significance; a more expensive or complex product or service, they often want the reassurance of some human interaction.  This is when they were shown ResponseTap’s call-based marketing automation by their marketing agency Motionlab.

Using ResponseTap’s technology they created an individual number for each supplier shown on Solidor’s website.  This meant that their potential customers had the convenience of talking to a supplier near them immediately, and that Solidor could measure the number of calls made to each supplier as a result of their website.

As well as being able to measure the number of calls made, Solidor were able to improve the quality of their future phone leads.  They could see which suppliers were converting the highest number of calls and which were converting the lowest.  Using the call recording feature of ResponseTap’s Call-based Marketing Automation they were able to identify any problems with the lower converting suppliers such as call handling skills.  

As Solidor were able to demonstrate the actual results of being affiliated with them as a supplier online, they were able to use these results to encourage other suppliers to sign up with them.  They increased the number of suppliers on the website from 15 to 500 within a year; increasing the number of prospects by showing more areas their products are available in and offering more choice.

Overall, phone leads increased by over 214% between 2013 and 2014.  Because of the growth in the number of suppliers, calls and leads, Solidor needed to acquire 2 additional members of staff in order to handle and monitor the 2000 calls a month they were now receiving.  

By comparing the results of the various suppliers on their website in terms of conversions, Soldior were able to show suppliers what was possible as a result of being on their website; the number of conversions per lead that could potentially be reached.  They could do this with the aim of motivating lesser performing suppliers to achieve the same results as higher performing ones, through improved call handling practices.

Solidor were also able to ensure that calls sent to their suppliers via their website were being handled in a way that was beneficial to their business, and that suppliers were giving the right information about their products.

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