Posted 28 March 2013

How phone call tracking can improve your business’s call handling procedures

How phone call tracking can improve your business’s call handling procedures

No matter what size your business is, one of the most important tasks within your office environment is the efficient management and handling of inbound phone calls. A phone call is often the first point of direct contact a potential client has with you, and it is vital that you give them a good first impression.

In order to maximise the return you get from an inbound sales call and identify areas for improvement, it is essential to monitor how efficiently your calls are currently being managed and handled. This can be done with call tracking software. Call tracking software can not only measure areas in which you are falling down on, but many call tracking services contain features that help you overcome these problems.

Here are ways you may be might improve the managing and handling of calls:

  • Reduce the number of missed inbound sales calls.
  • Route calls to the correct person or department initially; providing a better customer experience.
  • Handle the actual call itself appropriately.

Call tracking can help you reduce the number of missed calls and the number of missed sales opportunities by sending the relevant person a ‘missed call email alert.’ This email will give full details on who called, when and from where, enabling a call handler to return the call. Research from BT showed that 69% of people that call a business will hang up instead of leaving a message and being informed of the missed call means you can still call them back whether they have left a message or not.

Understanding the prevalence of missed calls and identifying times that these incidences are most common means you can pinpoint where you are not managing your resources effectively and need more call handlers.

Dynamic call routing is a feature within some call tracking packages which will send any call made to the most relevant person or department within your business, depending on the marketing that prompted the call. For example, an advert in a regional newspaper could include a number that routes directly to their nearest office/shop. This will eliminate the need to redirect calls, provide a more professional first impression and better overall customer experience.

No matter how well you initially trained your call handling team, it is only by regularly reviewing their call handling skills that you can see if your training has paid off. A call recording feature enables you to listen to calls, identify strengths and weaknesses and offer the right training; showing call handlers where they can do better. It also ensures that no incorrect information is being given out. A phone call tracking service can include a call recording feature, and if it is used to monitor staff and identify training needs, it can only help to improve customer service and more conversions.

Call Whisper is also a great feature of some phone call tracking software. Call whisper enables you to play a short message before and/or after each call telling the call handler where the call originated from, for example, search engine; keyword ‘call tracking’. This means that the call handler will know that the caller is interested in services linked to call tracking specifically. They would then be better prepared to answer questions linked to this search. It would also give them an idea of the number of calls coming through from certain campaigns or keywords.

If you are looking to improve your call handling procedures as well as monitor the efficiency of your marketing, a phone call tracking service from a company such as ResponseTap enables you to kill two birds with one stone in a completely scalable package that is suitable for businesses of all sizes.

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