Posted 18 March 2014

How customers are using call tracking for PPC

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Pay Per Click, or PPC, is only one area of your digital marketing that call tracking can help you to monitor.  Call tracking, when integrated with other systems and infrastructures, can help you to accurately measure both on and offline marketing as well as the efficiency of a customer’s journey, by incorporating phone leads and sales.

PPC can be costly and it’s important to bid on words that are generating results that contribute to your bottom line and not just generating traffic. This is why most companies will ‘pause’ words they think are only generating traffic and not revenue, but with 75% of shopping carts abandoned and 54% of people wanting the reassurance of some human interaction before completing a purchase, it could be that some of your paid search results are generating sales you aren’t seeing because they are completed via the telephone. This is where PPC call tracking can be an essential part of your marketing analytics. Our clients are using it to reduce costs and increase leads in a number of ways:


Aviva have invested heavily in PPC and with a complex product that often involves converting via phone, it was important that they know which keywords were driving telephone sales to make sure they were not wasting marketing spend on keywords that were not proving successful, or pausing keywords that were generating sales offline that they couldn’t see on web analytics alone.

Using data collected through call tracking, Aviva were able to see that people were searching for them using every day phrases, rather than the names of their specific products on offer.  This insight into customer search practices led them to tailor paid ad content and target their keyword spend to more generic words and phrases.  As a result of subsequent campaign management, Aviva saw a call volume increase from Q2 to Q3 of 121%, as well as a call duration increase of an average of 20%, suggesting that the customers that called were more engaged and likely to purchase.

Click here for the full case study.


Blueclaw are a digital marketing agency keen to demonstrate to their client, Florida4Less, that their digital marketing campaigns were effective, and to do this they wanted to ensure they were factoring in all sales generated as a result of their campaigns.  

Data collected through call tracking showed them that only 22% of holidays that were booked as a result of PPC advertising were carried out via phone. This might indicate that organic traffic is more important for telephone sales, but it also led them to look at paid ad copy. Their paid ads had a very prominent ‘Book Online’ call to action, and the knowledge that PPC was generating significantly less sales via phone led them to rethink that copy to attract those browsing online with a view to book via phone.

Click here for the full case study.

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