Posted 24 August 2012

How can call tracking software give you a better understanding of your customers? Part 2

How can call tracking software give you a better understanding of your customers? Part 2

Using information obtained from call tracking software to understand your customer.

Once you have collated all the information you can get from call tracking, you can start to use it to build up an understanding of what makes your customer tick. Most good quality call tracking software companies will collate it for you; ResponseTap (formerly AdInsight) displays the data collected on a ‘dashboard’ with call and visitor reports displayed in a user friendly graphical format to show who has called from where, when and for how long. You can see a visitor’s full history, including how they have found your site every time they visit and when they called. All of this information is invaluable to developing your marketing plan. You can also see the source of the calls i.e. where they saw the information that led them to call you, such as the website, social media, banner advert or a newspaper.

The most important piece of information to learn about your customers is what actually triggers them to call you. A recent study by Google showed that 63% of website visitors completed their purchase of a product or service offline. This means you need to give them the information that pushes them to the point of calling you so that you can close the deal.

By looking at which pages customers have looked at the longest before calling, you are able to see which pages appeal to people the most and which pages might need modifying to increase dwell time. These days, your website is your shop front, and is often the first point of contact that people have with your business. If there is an area of the site that is under performing it will need to be improved in the same way that sales staff in a shop would need further training if sales were down or you were receiving customer complaints.

Knowing the times people call you at means that you can see if there is a correlation between specific promotional activity and the amount of calls you receive. If you send out an email broadcast, and you get a large number of calls just after, you can see the link between the broadcast and the offline conversions. If there is no difference, you will know that you need to look into what might engage the reader more.

Even by just learning your customer’s locations you can improve your marketing plan. By seeing which areas people are calling from, you can look at locations where you could do more specific marketing. If a majority of people looking for your service are based in London, it might be worthwhile exhibiting at a trade fair locally, newspaper advertising or creating specific offers.

The very definition of marketing is the process by which companies create value for customers and build strong customer relationships in order to capture value from customers in return. To do this effectively you need as much information as possible to know where to concentrate your efforts. Using a call tracking service can give you an enormous amount of data with zero effort from your customers, making it a time and cost effective way of gaining valuable customer insight.

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