Posted 16 May 2014

Hints and Tips for integrating Google Analytics with ResponseTap

Hints and Tips for integrating Google Analytics with ResponseTap

Over 10 million businesses use Google Analytics, and that includes more than 60% of the top 10,000 websites.  It gives companies rich insights into their digital audiences and marketing effectiveness but without call tracking technology platforms such as ResponseTap, it cannot provide insight into the role of phone calls in the customer journey.  As the buying process becomes more complex, with people still craving the reassurance of human contact as well as the convenience of online browsing, we believe it will be increasingly important to be able to see all stages of a customer’s journey and the interactions your customers have with your business.

ResponseTap seamlessly integrates with Google Analytics to incorporate data from phone interactions, leads and sales, and we have some great advice to help make sure you’re making the most of this integrated technology.

•    Ensure you have implemented the ResponseTap and Google Analytics code on all pages of your root domain, including any landing pages or subdomains such as mobile sites.  This ensures that your data is accurate, complete and actionable.   You can do this by carefully auditing the code installation across all pages, subdomains and landing pages of your root domain.  Using a tool such as Google’s “Tag Assistant” Chrome browser plugin can be very helpful.  Additionally once data is collected, ensure that you are not seeing self-referrals from your own domain as a source of traffic.  This should rarely, if ever, happen.  If you see this occurring, audit your code installation again.  Also ensure that ResponseTap calls are being attributed to GA’s default sources, such as “google / cpc,” “google / organic,” etc.  If this is not the case then the integration between GA and ResponseTap may not be implemented correctly.  If you are having problems implementing ResponseTap don’t forget our Support department is available to talk you through any issues.

•    Use filtered “Views” as opposed to “Properties” to separate traffic to subdomains, landing pages or specific subdirectories.  By doing this you make sure that the code needed on the site is as simple and easy to maintain as possible.  This allows you to easily evaluate aggregate performance for your whole site/domain and still easily evaluate the performance of the different parts of your site as well.  You do this by creating a single “Property” for each root domain.  Then create individual “Views” for each subdomain, set of landing pages or subdirectories you’d like to track within each of those Properties.  Within each of the Views use the “Filters” to include or exclude pages or subdomains so that only the appropriate data flows through in those Views.

•    Make sure you have linked your Google Analytics Property and relevant View(s) to your Google AdWords account(s) if you have one.  This will allow you to see cost, web traffic and keyword data for paid search in the same place while incorporating phone calls, leads and sales generated via the telephone.  You can find out how to do this on Google’s support site here.

•    Ensure that Ecommerce tracking is enabled for any properties for which order values are to be tracked.  This means you can see the actual revenue generated as well as the number of phone calls, leads and sales.  The Google support site shows you how to do this easily here.

•    Make sure that you are using the right integration with ResponseTap.  Classic Google Analytics and Universal Google Analytics have different setup requirements, and only by using the right one will you get the right data.

These simple hints and tips are only the start; Google Analytics has a huge range of functions and capabilities that we can help you with.  If you have questions feel free to get in touch and we’ll find the best person to help you optimise how you’re integrating ResponseTap’s Call-based Marketing Automation.

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