Posted 17 April 2014

Google Paid Search Data – Alive and well

Google Paid Search Data – Alive and well

As many people have heard, last Wednesday Google announced it has made changes to the way in which it provides paid search keyword data, in a similar way that they had with organic data last year.  The internet reaction has been mixed, but these new changes do not mean the end of paid search data as we know it.  They are actually much less disruptive than the previous organic search data changes and could even provide you with the opportunity to explore areas of Adwords you may haven’t in the past.

These changes are currently only for but it is expected to extend to others such as in the future.  Basically, this change means you will no longer be able to see search query data from searches made on via third party software providers. You will however be able to see keyword data within many bid management integrations. Search query data will be available on Google Adwords within their search query report.  

With 3rd party software providers like ResponseTap you may no longer be able to see search query data directly within some reports, if the user is logged into Google or on Chrome.  However, the widely used and easy to implement integrations we provide with bid management systems such as Marin, Kenshoo, Acquisio, Site Catalyst, DC Storm, Universal and AdWords are in no way affected; you will be able to use these as you have always been able to, as they access data via the AdWords API.  

Some of our technology partners such as Marin and Kenshoo have already released statements showing how their clients would be affected, or unaffected, and leading up to the change Matt Ackley from Marin stated that if the change were made it “would not be that big a deal” because most advertisers are bidding on keywords while search queries are used primarily for keyword expansion and negative keyword discovery.

Remember, these changes will only apply to Google paid search either on Chrome or when browsers are signed in to Google accounts.  Bing, Yahoo, AOL, Baidu and Ask will be unaffected.  Loads of people think that Google is the only search engine widely used, but in fact according to global figures on desktop search engine market share in March 2014, over 1 in every 4 people are using other search engines.  This means that in all platforms that use search query data, you will still get a good overall picture from a percentage of your website visitors.
Global figures desktop search engine share 
If you have questions about how recent changes within Google affect your ResponseTap account, give us a call.

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