Posted 19 March 2009

Google Analytics Call Tracking Setup

Google Analytics Call Tracking Setup

So how do you set up ResponseTap Call Tracking with Google Analytics?

ResponseTap offers the most simplistic approach to setting up Google Analytics Call Tracking; there is no need to create additional hidden pages on your website with the tracking code in it. All you have to do is fill in a few fields.

  1. When you are creating a campaign in ResponseTap you name the campaign as you would normally, then you fill in 3 fields of your Google Analytics information, including; Google Analytics ID, Website URL and a unique ‘page’ name, which should not exist on your website (in this case it is ‘calltracking.html’). Now click the create button and go to your goal setup in Google Analytics.
  2. Once you are in one of the goal settings you set the goal to active and the Match Type to ‘Head Match’. You then put in the unique ‘page’ name (‘calltracking.html’) you entered into ResponseTap into the Goal URL field and give the goal a name; in this case it is ‘Phone Call’. Then you can enter the goal value if you want Google Analytics to report on the cost per conversion and cost per impression data.

That is it; every time a phone number in that campaign is rung the following call data will be injected into Google Analytics:

  • Campaign Name – identifying which campaign generated the call.
  • Number Name – identifying which part of the campaign generated the call.
  • Rule Name- identifying which rule was used to serve that tracking number.

Now you know how easy it is to setup Call Tracking with Google Analytics what is stopping you? Signup for ResponseTap’s Business Call Tracking solution online for instant account setup or contact us on 0800 077 3998. 

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