Posted 13 December 2012

Converting Online Browsers into Offline Buyers

Converting Online Browsers into Offline Buyers

The days of using your local shop or department store to get everything you need are long over, and modern consumers have more choice than ever on where to shop, including online, in store, by phone and even by catalogue.

As such it is possible for consumers to do a lot of research into the different products and services available as well as searching out the best deals. With people spending 50% longer online than they did 5 years ago and easy access to the internet through mobile devices, it is safe to assume that much of this research is being done online. In fact, according to Econsultancy only 4% of consumers in the UK do no research into products online at all. This statistic alone makes digital marketing essential to any business.

Another important piece of information form Harris Interactive is that 54% of people still prefer some form of human interaction before completing a purchase. This means that whilst people are researching online, they still crave the human touch, and this can be achieved in a number of ways, the easiest and most convenient being the phone.

There are a number of ways you can make your business easy to contact by phone. Displaying a contact number clearly throughout your website not only enables a consumer to contact you easily, but also gives your business a more physical presence and inspires a greater level of trust. The rise of the smartphone means that 61% of mobile internet searches now result in a phone call according to research Google, so making your website mobile friendly and giving a clear call to action such as a ‘click to call’ button makes converting an internet search to a phone call as easy as possible for a potential customer.

Monitoring the conversion rate of these consumers that love to browse but prefer to purchase by phone can seem difficult, but it can be easily achieved by utilising the wide range of call tracking services now available. Call tracking providers such as ResponseTap provide scalable packages so that SMEs can make use of call tracking technology in the same way as larger corporations. They can explain how call tracking can give all companies an insight into what motivates an online browser to call them, and what then drives a call into a sale.

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