Posted 27 May 2014

Company Spotlight: Ironmongery Direct

Company Spotlight: IronmongeryDirect

Ironmongery Direct are a multi-channel mail order business, and as such it’s important for them to be available on all customer touch points; both online and via phone.

Why use ResponseTap?

We’re a multi-channel mail order business and so it’s really important for us to be available when, and where our customers need us – both online and by phone.  A large amount of our traffic comes from paid search and so we wanted the best possible understanding of which ads were generating sales.

We wanted to be able to factor in all sales; online and over the phone, and so we implemented ResponseTap on our website so that we could get a complete picture of all paid search to enable us to effectively manage our ad spend in the future.

We initially tried ResponseTap out on a few specific online campaigns, but we soon felt confident enough to roll it out over a wider selection of campaigns.

How has using ResponseTap helped you?

ResponseTap has enabled us to attribute sales across all of our channels, giving us a much clearer picture of our paid search ROI.  We’ve felt comfortable increasing our digital marketing spend by 20% with confidence in results, and improved our ROI by 50% in the process.

By understanding exactly how our paid search performs, we’re better adapted to focus on driving growth across profitable campaigns and deliver real results. Having an attribution model that accurately apportions online ad spend to offline revenue gives us the ability to see the full customer journey across the most popular touch points in our conversion funnel,” said Charlie Carlton, Ecommerce Manager for Ironmongery.

How are you planning to use ResponseTap in the future?

IronmongeryDirect has been going for over 40 years and has grown from a traditional, local Ironmonger’s shop to a national company that delivers thousands of parcels every week to tradesmen across the UK.  We’ll be using ResponseTap to help maintain and continue this growth.

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