Posted 07 February 2014

Company Spotlight: Inspirations for Youth and Families

Company Spotlight: Inspirations for Youth and Families

Inspirations for Youth and Families, otherwise known as Inspirations Teen Rehab, is a nationally-renowned adolescent substance abuse and addiction treatment centre for teens ages 13 to 18. Troubled teenagers come to Inspirations to learn the skills necessary to restore direction in their lives

Inspirations carry out a range of marketing, but until recently have had little visibility of the success of each individual channel or campaign until they started using ResponseTap in August of 2013.  

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Why use ResponseTap?

“We have had little to no analytics at the keyword or campaign level for some time until we brought in an integral member of our digital team, Rick Maggio, who contracted ResponseTap within his first week,” stated Scott Brand, from the Inspirations for Youth and Families marketing department  “We were looking to tighten up our marketing and with ResponseTap’s call tracking, integrated with Google Analytics, we were able to accurately attribute all conversions to the campaign and keyword they originated from.”  

How has ResponseTap helped you?

Overall we’ve managed to gain much greater visibility of how our marketing is performing.  One problem we have had in the past is that we have been carrying out a lot of display advertising, which we were not able to measure the results of.  By using web analytics alongside call tracking, we quickly became aware that whilst our display advertising was driving traffic to our website it was not driving conversions.  Using this insight, we cut the amount of display advertising we carried out, which meant we were able to redistribute this marketing spend elsewhere.

 “We have managed to reduce our overall marketing spend by around half,” said Rick Maggio, director of Internet Marketing.  “We have increased efficiency with accurate attribution and distributing our marketing budget to the most effective channels, campaigns and keywords.”

How are you planning to use ResponseTap in the future?

We are looking to carry out a much more robust implementation in the future, utilising more call tracking and handling features, and integrations with Universal to gain greater visibility and make further efficiencies.  

We will also continue to develop the use of call tracking technology on other websites within our company; Ocean Tides, such as the Cove Center for Recovery, an adult rehabilitation centre in South Florida.

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