Posted 26 October 2012

Call Tracking and Analytics; Providing Objective Customer Feedback

Call Tracking and Analytics; Providing Objective Customer Feedback

A startling statistic released by Pivot in February 2012 stated that whilst 76% of marketers felt that they know what their customers want, only 34% have actually asked them.

Many marketers do not place much emphasis on customer feedback, possibly because of the potentially subjective nature of it or the low response rate, but the rest of Pivot’s statistics revealed that marketers actually know less than they think they do. For example, 83% of customers said that they seek deals but only 53% of businesses believed that was what customers wanted.

There are a number of things which need to be considered when obtaining feedback from customers: It can be biased because customers might feel ‘led’ or obliged to give positive feedback. A certain amount of subjectivity can be put onto interpretation of results as someone has to give an opinion on what the results mean. Customer feedback can often have a low response rate because it involves time and effort on the customer’s part, so any data you do get could give an incomplete picture of the overall response to your marketing.

Technology can often give you more complete and impartial feedback; it has no vested interest in the success of your marketing activity and the results reported are a direct reflection of your customers actions and behaviours. Technology based analytics including website analytics and call tracking solutions can help you identify trends which will help you shape your marketing activity– such as main geographic areas where sales come from, which are the best performing key words and the most important marketing channels.

If you want to get a more complete picture of how your customer is impacting on your bottom line, you need technology which can be integrated. Call tracking technology which can be combined with all types of website analytics has the potential to monitor how every method of marketing that you undertake is performing and identify the type and value of conversions you receive. This, in turn, provides feedback which helps you refine your marketing activity and allows you to clearly see which areas are giving you the best ROI . These technologies will also give you the data that you need in a much shorter space of time than some other types of customer feedback, as well as alleviating the need to intrude on your customer’s time with questions.

Call tracking and analytics mean you can see how someone found you and what they looked at before, during and after calling you. Armed with this data, you no longer need to speculate where your sales from calls are coming from, you will know.

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