Posted 06 June 2013

Are you making the most of Seasonal Sales Opportunities?

Are you making the most of Seasonal Sales Opportunities?


As days continue to get longer, many of us are already looking forward to summer holidays or even just a bit of sun in the UK. Relaxing and enjoying the summer is great but have you thought about how summer might be affecting your business? Whilst people always look at advertising campaigns for key days such as Christmas, New Year, Easter, Mother’s Day and even Bank Holidays, seasonal advertising campaigns can be just as effective; summer usually puts people in a good mood and potentially more likely to buy. How are you using the summer in your marketing campaigns and is it working?

How you use summer in your marketing will of course depend on how it will affect your business; some industries will immediately lend themselves to summer marketing. A clothing store will be advertising summer and holiday clothes, and later on in the summer ‘back to school’ clothes. Travel businesses will be showing travel locations, pushing last minute bargain breaks, or may even be promoting the following year in advance with the promise of getting the best deals.

Other businesses, ones that might actually suffer because of the warmer weather, will need to be more creative. Electronics businesses might see a fall in sales as people want to be outside and not thinking about a new TV or DVD player. Businesses like this might have to think outside the box; encourage people to prepare for the new football season in August or advertise more unusual products such as sound systems suitable for outside BBQs, specials on electric fans, summer sports or items that are ideal as wedding presents.


If this is the case, it is very important that you see accurately and immediately which marketing campaigns are working so that you can allocate your marketing spend as efficiently as possible. Summer lasts from now until early Autumn and there is plenty of time to adjust your campaign; if the weather gets worse you may want to promote more indoor products or build on successful campaigns should the sun continue to shine.

To ascertain the most successful campaigns you will need as much information as possible; web analytics for online sales are a given. To get an accurate overview of all aspects of a campaign you need to attribute all sales, including those made by phone, and understand which marketing led to the call.

If people are outside enjoying the sun, you may want to consider using outdoor media. By providing a discount code to use online or allocating a tracked phone number to each advert you can assess if this is working and what type of leads it is generating, or whether people are sticking to online browsing by utilising mobile Internet and if so what they are searching for. You can see this in real time by using call tracking and integrating this into your web analytics for a holistic picture of the complete effect of your seasonal marketing.

Make the most of the summer by incorporating it into your marketing. Then, by attributing sales to the marketing that generated it using web analytics, discount codes and call tracking technology, you can see quickly and accurately see what is working and what can be improved, enabling you to optimise your marketing spend and free up more time so you can plan your own summer holiday!

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