Posted 22 August 2014

A step forward for the phone call in the marketing automation mix

A step forward for the phone call in the marketing automation mix

This week Google announced the ability to track website call conversions from AdWords. Whilst the industry has had mixed reactions to this news, we found some of the reaction puzzling, since this service has been provided in beta for some time now. Here at ResponseTap we take this news as a positive validation of the significance of telephone calls as a preferred conversion type with customers.  Here is why. 

When I started working with clients, there was a burning desire to fill the data gap left by visitors going offline to complete their purchase in the contact centre. Features that help PPC managers to score the call or inform the agent of the source and integrate with their other tools – like bid management and CRM – are now standard in the industry but seem to be absent in Google’s offering. These days, our customers are talking about how each customer’s relationship with their brand and value proposition develop in the time leading up to the call, during the conversation, and beyond into further engagement. This is the real value that data from a phone call can give to a global brand. 

Though Google has been trying to get this service right for a couple of years, their choice to create a fanfare around it shows how the importance of the phone call has never been greater. Brands are understanding more than ever the value of human interaction when completing a purchase, and that consumers are not only operating online. However, when it comes to the return on investment, there are four key areas to look at improving: traffic acquisition, conversion to phone call, conversion to sell and increased order value – not just click to call data. 

A service like ours at ResponseTap – one which individually tracks each customer journey including through the phone call – would be more beneficial across the board in all key areas for brands. This incremental value adds a phenomenally larger level of insights, whereas Google’s technology only focuses on their PPC; fundamentally, this doesn’t give businesses the full picture on their ROI. 

All the intelligence, insight, tracking, clever routing, integration and conversion reporting in all the land, can only deliver the ROI promised, if it ultimately amounts to a better human experience. The purpose of data should be to acquire a customer that is happier with the purchase they made and ready to either buy from you again, tell their friends, or both. Achieving this is about much more than just knowing how many calls Google’s portion of your PPC budget delivered.  

Google’s announcement is good for the call-tracking industry; it shows an increasing awareness and appetite for rich, actionable data. However, those who are excited by the news must be aware that there are stronger systems out there to deal with the wider breadth of ROI, and not just Google’s share of your PPC. ResponseTap look to achieve a more insightful outcome with individual customer-journey based technology, allowing a key focus on more areas of ROI for a brand. Though we look the same, we are different; our in-depth insights will allow brands making the smallest change to see the biggest and best possible outcome across the board.

by Stephen Russell, Global Head of Technology Alliances at ResponseTap

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