Posted 09 July 2013

5 Problems that Call Tracking Solves

5 Problems that Call Tracking Solves

Everyone has problems within their business and it can seem like for every problem you encounter there is a new tool, service or product that you need to solve it.  Call tracking is a great service to use as it solves a number of issues that a business runs into on an everyday basis.  It enables you to allocate a unique phone number to each website visitor, and to each type of marketing activity.   This means that you can see which marketing activity triggered a call.  It also enables you to see what they looked at before, during and after they called you and if they found you through search you can see which keywords were used.  Here are 5 problems that a call tracking service can solve for you:

  •     Not being able to see which marketing activity is generating telephone sales. If you are getting a number of sales over the phone that’s great: Inbound calls give your call handlers the opportunity to upsell, cross sell, and therefore you want to be encouraging as many telephone sales leads as possible.  Without call tracking you can only ask customers how they found your business, and unless you ask a large number of questions and this can get in the way of promoting your business, you get no in depth information on what exactly triggered the call and you can’t always guarantee its accuracy.  Call tracking technology gives you a holistic picture of the origin of all of your inbound calls so that you can see what has motivated the call, what is successful and what needs development.
  •     Parts of your website are not driving online sales, but you don’t know which parts. You know that you are getting plenty of traffic, but not as many online sales as you had expected.  How can you tell at which point you are ‘losing’ your online customers.  Call tracking means that you can see at what point within a website a person calls your company. If the call is to ask a question that could be addressed on the page, you can use this information to adapt web content to improve a customer’s online experience on your website.
  •     Basket and online form abandonment. There are many reasons that a person might choose not to complete an online purchase including unexpected delivery charges or problems with payment methods. There are also a number of reasons that someone might start filling out an online form and not complete it, such as the wording of questions or the details requested. Some call tracking services allow you to set up and track custom variables. Using custom variables enables you to see at what point in the purchase process a customer chooses to call instead of completing the purchase online, such as the point at which they stop filling out a particular form during the checkout process to call you. If you are looking to optimise the number of online sales or increase the amount of people completing an online form, this data can be used to improve the way you offer online purchasing, or change parts of your online forms.
  •     Your customers are not getting a good experience when they ring. When a potential customer calls your business, this should be your opportunity to shine; impress them with your knowledge of their needs and answer their questions.  If your call handler cannot meet their needs or answer their questions, this will not project your business in a positive light and you might not get their custom. Call tracking has a number of features that can address this. These include ‘call whisper’; where the call handler is told before the call what the caller searched for  and ‘dynamic call routing’; where the caller is put through to the right department based on the marketing they saw or the keyword they searched to find the business. These features ensure that each caller gets through to the right department quickly or to a person as well equipped as possible to assist them.
  •     Missed calls. Research by BT showed that 69% of people that called a business will hang up instead of leaving a message. So every call you miss means you are losing custom. Call tracking software provides a ‘missed call email alert’. This will inform you by email when you have missed a call and the number that called you.  This means that not only do you get the opportunity to call them back, but you can also spot patterns of high incidences of missed calls in order to review the resourcing of your call handling centre.

If you have some or all of the above problems then a call tracking service can help you address these issues, as well as offering a number of other benefits to businesses of all sizes.

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