Posted 23 January 2013

3 Reasons that Marketing Agencies should use Call Tracking

3 Reasons that Marketing Agencies should use Call Tracking

Marketing agencies have a tough job to do; in a day and age where over half of all businesses in the UK have a website and just under half are using social media on top of more traditional advertising, it is their job to make a business stand out from the crowd and get noticed. They do this through a range of different marketing channels; email, social media, online advertising, PPC, driving traffic with SEO, content marketing and offline marketing being only a few, as well as focused marketing campaigns to promote specific products or services of a business.

Agencies partner with other companies to enhance the service they provide for their clients, and are now realising the advantages of working with call tracking companies to add further value to the service they provide. Here are three reasons that agencies should consider using call tracking:

  1. To prove their worth: Every agency wants to show how effective their marketing is, and essential how all of their hard work is contributing to a business’s bottom line. Not all sales made as a result of digital marketing are actually made online which can make it difficult to accurately track the true impact of campaigns. Data from the Online Retail Forecast showed that whilst 63% of people are comfortable shopping online there are still 22% of online shoppers that choose never to complete a sale online. This means they are buying in other ways. If a sale is being completed offline, by phone, and is the result of an agency’s digital marketing, they are going to want to take the well-earned credit for that sale. It is only by using visitor level call tracking that a telephone sale can be linked back to a website visit and the marketing which drove the visit. Agencies can use call tracking technology to ensure they are being credited for all the sales they create; both online and offline conversions, and prove their worth.
  2. To provide an enhanced service: Agencies compete with each other in the same way that any other business does, and each agency wants to offer the best service possible in order to provide excellent ROI. Agencies can use call tracking as a part of the package they offer, enabling them to demonstrate a holistic view of the impact of their marketing activity and create campaigns focused on delivering the best type of response for the different products and services provided by their client.
  3. As an extra source of revenue: Many agencies offer optional extras as part of a package; an additional service to add to their standard package at a good rate for their client. By offering an additional service they are providing their customer with the peace of mind that comes with using a business they already know to get a service that they need. This also shows they are willing to provide services that prove whether their campaigns are producing leads and sales, and establishes them as experts in creating and monitoring digital marketing campaigns.

Whilst agencies can use call tracking technology for their client’s benefits, it is also invaluable to themselves. By monitoring the campaigns they are running they can improve future campaigns by establishing which initiatives are producing different types of response and understand the quality and value of those responses. This information can then be utilised to optimise marketing activity going forward. By improving future campaigns using data from call tracking, marketing agencies can provide the best possible service for their clients and continue to flourish in a digital marketing age.

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