rtap – Insight Packages

rtap-insight  StandardProfessionalEnterprise
APIAccess to rtap-insight API based upon package selected.
(Standard Use)

(Professional Use)

(Enterprise Use)
Google Analytics IntegrationSeamless integration enables rtap-insight data to be fed into and analysed within Google Analytics.
Google Universal Analytics IntegrationSeamless integration enables rtap-insight data to be linked to your Google Analytics data within Google Universal Analytics, so it can be analysed in one platform.
BenchmarksAllows you to easily evaluate calls based on their length. The duration of a call is often a good indication of its quality and you can define as many benchmarks as you wish. The first benchmark may be to identify a call that is too short and therefore probably dropped during your IVR message. Longer durations could be flagged as likely hot leads or sales. You can use these benchmarks alongside other features to customise reporting and provide better integrations.
Missed call emailsIf you are unable to answer a call for whatever reason rtap-insight will send you an email. The email will include information about the caller’s telephone number, how they found your website, which keywords they used, and other relevant information about the call.
Spam Guardrtap-insight can protect your contact centre resource from auto-dialler attacks.
Call Recordingrtap-insight can record all calls – enabling you to evaluate quality and conversions.
Up to 10 Single Tracking NumbersYou can use up to 10 Single Tracking Numbers which can be provisioned for tracking activity that is not on your website. If you require additional Single Numbers you can purchase Offline-bolt-ons.
Mobile Click-to-Call Linkrtap-insight recognises mobile devices and dynamically applies compliant HTML, turning your standard number into a clickable phone call link.
Auto PlaceholdersTypically for directory websites, rtap auto-placeholders will create and setup your call tracking placeholders on the fly, as required, using pre-defined templates so you don’t have to create, configure and code in multiple number placeholders across your website manually.XX