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Monthly Licence Feefrom £100
per month
from £250
per month
from £500
per month
Minimum Contract1 month rolling3 months rolling12 months
SupportYesYesYes with dedicated Account Manager
Our friendly UK-based support team is committed to providing exceptionally high standards and always strives to provide you with the very best level of support – from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.
Standard UK Placeholders111
A placeholder holds a pool of phone numbers that dynamically replaces the number on your website. rtap-insight’s unique approach to call tracking is built on our proprietary number pools. Designed to provide market leading efficiency, accuracy and reliability and available for any UK number type.
Territories IncludedUK OnlyUK (£ for additional)UK (£ for additional)
rtap-insight is currently available in the UK, USA and Canada.
API(Standard Use)(Professional Use)(Enterprise Use)
Google Analytics Integration
Google AdWords Integration
Google Universal Analytics Integration
Allow you to easily evaluate calls based on their length. The duration of a call is often a good indication of its quality and you can define as many benchmarks as you wish. You can use these benchmarks alongside other features to customise reporting and provide better integrations.
Missed call emails
If you are unable to answer a call for whatever reason rtap-insight will send you an email. The email will include information about the caller’s telephone number, how they found your website, which keywords they used, and other relevant information about the call.
Spam Guard
rtap-insight can protect your contact centre resource from auto-dialler attacks.
Call Recording
rtap-insight can record all calls – enabling you to evaluate quality and conversions.
Mobile Click-to-Call Link
rtap-insight recognises mobile devices and dynamically applies compliant HTML, turning your standard number into a clickable phone call link.
Auto Placeholders
Typically for directory websites, rtap auto-placeholders will create your call tracking placeholders on the fly, as required, using pre-defined templates so you don’t have to create and configure multiple number pools across the website.
Solution Bolt-OnsTailor your ResponseTap solution to suit the needs of your business. Our bolt-ons give you flexibility to add functionality when you require it.
Analytics Bolt-on£Choose 2
Allows key call conversion data to be integrated into your preferred marketing analytics and bid management platforms – for example, DC Storm, Marin Software, Adobe SiteCatalyst and DoubleClick Search. Visit Integrations - Analytics Reporting for more information.
Call Handling Bolt-on£
Allows you to route calls based upon key campaign data into your call centers, giving better quality calls leading to improved conversion rates.
Mobile Bolt-on£
Provides a click-to-call button for use on mobile devices for improved user experience – enabling better conversions and actionable insight on the fast growing mobile channel.
Post Visit Bolt-on£Choose 1 (1)
Provides information about how a caller found your business; days, weeks or months after they visited your website, even if they write down the phone number and call later.
UK Offline Bolt-on£ (1)
Provides access to single phone numbers for use in offline and online (off website) campaigns – demonstrating which activities drive the most conversions.
CRM Integration Bolt-on £££
Provides integration into your CRM environment, enabling complete end-to-end reporting of lead to conversion through the call channel. Visit Integrations - CRM for more information.
Call Centre Integration Bolt-on £££
Provides integration into your call centre infrastructure allowing you to automatically capture key information before even answering the phone. Visit Integrations - Contact Centre for more information.
Call chargesPrice on application, starting from 10p per call connection
Additional ServicesWe have created a suite of services to help you maximise your investment. Our team is ready to help with reporting, integration and insight.
Reporting Services£
If you need help and support with understanding your phone channel, our experts are on hand to help you report on the data collected. With the Enterprise package 1 hour is included per month.
Insight Services£
Our experts are on hand to support you to analyse your data focusing on channel optimisation, attribution and understanding your customer journeys. With the Enterprise package 1 day is included per month.
Integration Services£££
We understand the importance of integrating ResponseTap call data into your existing infrastructure. With our integration services, we’ll help you integrate into your 3rd party platforms as required.

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