Payment Terms

These terms govern the use of the ResponseTap Classic Service. All other services require an alternative contract and any alternative contract supersedes these terms.

The ResponseTap Classic Service is a web-based service. Your use of the or website (the "Site") is governed by the Website Terms and Conditions and these Payment Terms and Returns Policy. You agree that on completion of your registration as a Subscriber you would like us to immediately commence the provision of the ResponseTap Service to you. Subscription to the ResponseTap Service entitles you to select one of the ResponseTap packages advertised by Us on the Site ("Package") for the use of the ResponseTap Package You subscribe to in return for payment to Us of the Subscription Package charge ("Subscription Charge"). To gain access to the interface of your chosen ResponseTap Package please click on "ResponseTap Login".

Payment of Subscription Charges

You must pay the appropriate Subscription Package Charge by credit or debit card and provide WorldPay (Our payment gateway providers) with the necessary details to complete this transaction. The ResponseTap Package Charge shall be charged monthly in advance directly to your credit or debit card. The first payment of the Subscription Package Charge shall be made after you have successfully registered via the Site or, if applicable, the date following the end of your Free Trial Period, and thereafter will continue to be charged on a monthly basis on the same date of each month, UNLESS AND UNTIL you cancel your Subscription in accordance with these Terms. Subscription Charge Date does not recur in a particular month (e.g. 31st January, but no 31st February), you will be charged on the closest preceding date to the Subscription Charge Date (e.g. 28th February) for that month. We will inform you by email of any changes to the Subscription Package Charge not less than 30 days in advance of any such changes. If you do not agree to such changes to the Subscription Package Charge, please cancel your subscription in accordance with the cancellation provisions set out below. You confirm that the payment card that is being used is yours and there are sufficient funds or credit facilities to cover the Subscription Charges.

Cancellation by You and Termination by Us

As noted above, you may cancel your subscription to the ResponseTap Service at any time. Cancellation requests must be completed online via the WorldPay website. This activity is tracked on the customer's account history. Immediately upon requesting cancellation, no further access will be provided to You to the ResponseTap Service. We are unable to accept or guarantee cancellation requests via email or by letter. Please note we do not provide refunds or credits for any partial subscription periods.

If you have just signed up to the ResponseTap Service and have changed your mind about subscribing, you may in certain circumstances have a legal right to cancel your membership before You have used the Service and receive a full refund of your first month's subscription fee. Ordinarily you may cancel the subscription within seven working days of the day after the date on which you subscribe if You have not already commenced use of the Services. However, by subscribing you agree that if You start using the ResponseTap Service within that seven working day period, you acknowledge that, by agreeing to these terms, this cancellation option is not available to You. If you are eligible to cancel in this manner, you may do so in accordance with the cancellation instructions given. In order to arrange a refund of your first month's subscription fee, you will then also need to contact us to advise us that you have cancelled in accordance with your statutory rights and to request a refund of your first month's subscription fee. Once you have completed these steps, we will cancel your subscription and process your refund.

We reserve the right to terminate or restrict your use of our service, for any or no reason whatsoever. One reason that we may do so is if we believe that you are in breach of any obligation under these Terms and Conditions. If we terminate Your use of the ResponseTap service as a result of a breach of any obligation under these Terms, such termination would be immediate and without notice. If we terminate your use of our service for any other reason or no given reason, then we would give you 30 days notice of termination.

These Payment Terms and Returns Policy do not affect your Statutory Rights.