Blueclaw & Florida4less

Blueclaw is an advertising agency that delivers digital marketing services including SEO, Content Marketing, PPC and Social Media Marketing. Florida4less is a travel company specialising in custom holidays to Florida, including flights, accommodation and car hire.

The Challenge

Booking a holiday to Florida is a long and complicated process which sometimes takes in excess of 3 months from initial interaction with the site to the actual booking. A large proportion of these bookings are made by telephone after a client researches online.

Therefore, Florida4less’s marketing agency Blueclaw, found that they had a ‘black hole’ of data when it came to showing which online marketing was triggering leads and sales via the telephone.

The Solution

Blueclaw recommended ResponseTap’s call tracking technology in order to obtain more in depth and accurate information on the origin of sales made via phone for Florida4less.

ResponseTap’s call tracking technology, when integrated with other analytics platforms, gave Blueclaw the ability to accurately attribute more of Florida4less’s conversions to the marketing activity that triggered them, including those made via phone. They were able to create a tracking funnel from call, to lead, to sale, enabling them to give their client a greater insight into the journey to conversion when their customers were booking via phone.

“ResponseTap’s data has been invaluable in the development of our search strategy for Florida4less and enabled us to make smarter decisions about where to place our efforts for maximum Return on Investment.”

Martin Woods – Blueclaw SEO Manager

The Results

Blueclaw were able to show Florida4less that the number of conversions by phone accounted for a much higher proportion of bookings in their busier months; those being the winter months when people are planning their holidays. With this data they were much better placed to advise on how to divide PPC budgets through the year to ensure maximum ROI on phone conversions.

Blueclaw was also able to show Florida4less that there was a higher propensity for their customers to book online via PPC as opposed to organic search. They could show that only 22% of holidays that were booked as a result of PPC advertising were carried out via phone, which showed that organic traffic is more important to them for phone conversions. This meant they could advise reducing the PPC bids on some phrases where organic keywords that were driving a lot of telephone sales, and push the marketing budget towards additional and more lucrative keywords to provide additional sales.

With the data that ResponseTap were able to provide, Florida4less were able to see the value of keywords that they hadn’t known were significant prior to implementing ResponseTap’s technology. By being able to attribute sales made via phone to keyword searches made online, they had a much more accurate picture of the true effect of their search marketing. This enabled them to fine tune their PPC bids and SEO in order to maximise ROI by targeting the highest performing keywords and phrases.