Posted 25 March 2014

Using call marketing automation for lead nurturing

Using call marketing automation for lead nurturing

Lead nurturing, sometimes called marketing automation, is about sending a series of messages to a lead or potential customer, with the aim of converting them to a sale.  Research has shown that only between 5% and 25% of a website’s traffic is set to buy straight away, other visitors are only researching or browsing.  By learning about your potential customers; what they are browsing and enquiring after, you can use gentle but targeted campaigns to guide them to convert.

65% of businesses consider phone leads their highest quality kind of lead, but nurturing these leads is not as easy as nurturing leads which you have gathered online.  By using information online you can use an IP address to re-target with display adverts or invite prospects to leave their email address for more details, opening up email marketing opportunities. Without assistance all you can get from someone via phone is what they tell you, and how can you nurture leads with this data alone? The only option might seem to be calling them back, but the problem with that is that 73% of all decision makers will not take an inbound sales call.   

Call-based Marketing Automation is a new way that you can nurture the leads you get via the phone. ResponseTap call tracking integrates with other analytics and reporting systems, including CRMs and call centre infrastructures, and this enables you to collect and use much more information on inbound phone leads.  

Each visitor to a site is supplied with a unique number and when they pick up the phone to call a business, the call handler can see a vast array of information on the client including how they found the site and which pages they have been looking at. This can act as an initial stage of lead nurturing, as the caller will inevitably get a much better customer experience from a call handler that understands what they want and have been looking for, but this isn’t where call tracking assisting with lead nurturing ends.

Before purchasing a client may want a number of conversations, especially in the case of researching more complex or significant product or service. The advantage of visitor level call tracking, as opposed to merely tracking calls by campaign or by channel, is that the complete visitor journey can be followed, so when they ring for a second time, their previous visits and details will still be on record for the call handler to see.  They can use this data to pick up the lead and move it further along the sales funnel, providing a better customer journey and gaining more valuable information which can then be kept centrally in a CRM for use in the future.

Research has shown that 60% of people still cite the phone as their preference to seek help.  Including the phone as part of your sales process is vital for any online business wishing to be successful and alongside that, it should be an essential part of your lead nurturing process.   

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