Posted 02 September 2014

Top 5 mistakes marketers make about the customer journey

Top 5 mistakes marketers make about the customer journey

As a marketer or brand manager you’ll be familiar with the golden rule of acquiring new customers and retaining existing ones. We’ve seen many brands turn to social care as a way of supporting the customer journey, yet it’s not actually always helping.

In our industry, innovation is the implementation of new marketing tactics which in turn encourages your business to stay ahead of the curve. The most important part of staying ahead of that curve, is learning more about ‘the unknowns’ of customer journeys. . It’s easy to overlook things sometimes, so we’ve put together our top 5 common mistakes that can easily be avoided:

1. Building walls between humans and machines.

When a customer browses through the web on their desktop, mobile or wearable device, you’re building a digital footprint all about them. This digital footprint provides a great amount of data, which in turn can improve the customer service experience. For example, a potential customer wants to apply for a mortgage. When browsing the internet researching for the right package, the customer will likely use multiple devices at different times on different websites before calling their bank..  Smart marketing spend will lead them in the right direction – data collected on the way can be used by the customer service exec at the end of the phone. Humans, machines and data working in perfect harmony.

2. Not considering offline as much as online.

Don’t forget that when customers switch their computer off, they enter a world of possibilities – phone calls and in-store being just two of the key communication methods they might use. If 54% of people want the reassurance of some human interaction before completing a purchase, why keep consumers frustrated? A whopping 64% of people get frustrated when they are only able to interact with a company online. Don’t be in the dark: offline is as important as online in today’s mobile world.

3. Gathering data and not doing anything with it:

We’ve established that you know your customers very well through all the data you have built on them through online and social. The pitfall is when you gather all this information, but don’t have the right technology in place to do something with that data. The customer is telling you a lot, so why not leverage this opportunity beyond online only? 

4. Marketers sitting in their ivory tower.

By not talking to other departments of the company that you should be talking to, including CRM, you’re not helping anything. To go back to acquiring and retaining customers, marketers need to get down from their ivory towers and connects with other parts of the business to bounce off one another to make all this work.

5. Misattributing where your customer came from:

Don’t be blinded by clicks; the customer goes through many avenues, websites and clicks before ending up on your website. The last click does not always come from the search term entered and to understand the full customer journey, you need to understand the origin of all clicks. If you just track the last visit that drove a phone call, you are grossly misattributing and missing valuable data essential for improving ROI and essentially put across the wrong profile to the company.

We hope this will help you in not making the same mistakes! Do you have any tips of your own? Share them with us by dropping us a line on

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