Posted 04 December 2014

Retailers Making the most of Omnichannel Marketing this Christmas

For retailers, nothing stands in the way of the Christmas rush. However, it isn’t just retailers that put some serious effort in at Christmas time – consumers across the UK are doing their research and making purchases on retailers that can provide them with the best answers, and fast. It’s at this point that keyword level call tracking can make the biggest impact.

Whilst many consumers enjoy the experience of going shopping, they now have more tools at their disposal – for one, the internet provides a specific avenue to research and purchase products. However, the expectations from an online retail experience still don’t match that of the real thing, so increasingly, consumers turn to calling the brand or shop in question. When the phone call happens, do the retailers use phone analytics integration?

Confidence is key

Christmas shopping can be confusing, over two-thirds of consumers (actually 70%) feel that speaking to a well informed operator gives them peace of mind and confidence that they’re making the right decision – all a part of call performance marketing. Thats why it’s crucial that this Christmas, even more so than others – brands have the right response at the end of the phone, the right person and the right online marketing funnel.

Get your facts right

In the Christmas rush, facts matter. A retailer’s website might be perfect, but 53% of Brits agree that the phone call can verify these facts and information better when making high value purchases over the Christmas period. If you’re nervous about adding too much detail on the site, make sure your call center staff or shop assistants are prepared for the phone-call quiz to connect the offline and online experience.

It doesn’t end at the purchase

Brits love sharing, in fact 73% of them will share great customer service with a friend or family member – especially at the time of year when we’re all coming together. Pay attention to their needs on the phone, in store and on your website, improve your call handling and you’ll be sure to get five-star reviews.

In summary, don’t separate all your channels, remember that the gap in marketing expectations can easily widen when a customer sees an issue with just one of your channels. If the phone call, the mobile phone and the real retail experience don’t match up you’ll leave the customer with questions and no gifts for their family or friends. To find out more about the British consumer or our insights about voice as an activator during Christmas, read our whitepaper here.

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