Posted 14 July 2009

ResponseTap Launches Cutting Edge Server Cluster

ResponseTap Launches Cutting Edge Server Cluster

At midnight 15th July 2009, ResponseTap rolled out stage one of it’s new highly available cluster technology across the platform.

The upgrade consists of a 7 node call handling cluster, providing a huge increase in capability for tracked telephone calls.

Using the latest clustering and load balancing technology, ResponseTap have managed to further increase their capacity and fault tolerance within the network.

Richard Hamnett technical director at ResponseTap announced;

Although having not previously suffered from any major outages, we are delighted to announce a major upgrade to the stability and capacity of the ResponseTap call tracking platform. Cutting edge technology such as instant heartbeat failover systems, ethernet disk mirroring and a bespoke VOIP load balancer affords us complete confidence in the resilience of our system.

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