Posted 20 September 2010

Next generation call tracking solution AdInsight Clarity goes live at Ad:Tech London

Next generation call tracking solution AdInsight Clarity goes live at Ad:Tech London

AdInsight, the UK’s leading phone call tracking provider, is officially releasing its new visitor level call tracking solution, AdInsight Clarity, at Ad:Tech London on 21st September 2010.

AdInsight Clarity offers the next generation of call tracking. It uses an advanced proprietary system that understands how visitors interact with a website. It can then accurately determine which website visitor is calling, how that visitor found the website, including the exact keywords they searched for, and what web pages they looked at before, during and after they made an offline telephone enquiry.

AdInsight is also the first UK call tracking company to integrate with Google Adwords E-Commerce tracking, allowing pay-per-click advertisers to fully understand how paid search is contributing to their offline conversions.

The Google Adwords e-commerce integration allows pay-per-click advertisers to see how many calls their Adwords campaigns are generating; the average number of paid click throughs that occur before the visitor calls the business; the value of the sales made on the calls; the various Adwords visitor paths taken before the call – including which campaigns, ad groups and keywords triggered the paid adverts and the exact search queries used before the visitor called.

The company has been beta testing the software since June and has already seen huge demand for the solution.

Richard Hamnett, co-director at AdInsight, commented: “We are absolutely delighted with the response to AdInsight Clarity – For a product which has not yet been officially released, we have seen enormous interest and tens of new accounts from both in-house and agency marketing teams. Now that the product is live, we are anticipating further demand across all sectors.

“With online marketing becoming more competitive and expensive it is crucial to have a complete and detailed picture of your marketing spend versus return. Our new call tracking solution gives you such in-depth and accurate data it allows you to refine your marketing campaigns very precisely, meaning it very quickly becomes an essential tool for success.”

Ross Fobian added: “With AdInsight Clarity companies are able to truly understand how their online marketing is affecting their offline conversions at a very granular level. For many businesses this has been a crucial missing metric for far too long.”

AdInsight has already experienced success with its original tracking package, winning Best Newcomer at the Big Chip awards in 2009. Company directors, Ross Fobian and Richard Hammett were also selected as finalists for the Shell LiveWIRE Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2009.

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