Posted 07 November 2012

Make the most of your marketing ROI with custom variables

4 Principles that help you improve your marketing ROI

Optimising your marketing ROI holds many challenges, one of the main trials being to monitor your online to offline conversions. By finding out what is generating leads and converting them to sales, you can use this information to increase sales with future advertising campaigns and enhance your website content and layout.

To do this you would need to:

  • Understand the path to conversion; the process your customer went through to get to the point of purchase.
  • Discover the barriers to conversion; the obstacles your customers have met when getting to the point of conversion. These might include online forms, quote requests and even reading the content on your site.
  • Review the interaction between your customer and your website to understand the ROPO (Research Online, Purchase Offline) journey. According to research done by the Kelsey Group, 97% of consumers are now researching products and future purchases online even if they buy offline. It is important to know what moved them from finding your business and researching a product on your website to actually purchasing from you.
  • Obtain opportunities to upsell and cross sell to increase the amount of revenue created, sell more products and get a better Life Time Value from each customer.

Custom variables are the name value pair tags that you can insert in your tracking code to track the actions carried out within a page, such as the progression through an online form, shopping basket or even the interaction with a product image or customer reviews. By observing the custom variables you set up on your website you can see the way viewers are interacting with the pages within your website and you can better understand the process each consumer went through to get to the point of buying from you as well as the barriers they met throughout this process. You can monitor these custom variables with website analytics services, and if their website visit results in a call to your business, utilising call tracking technology will help identify the precise point at which a visitor picked up the phone.

By testing for and identifying which parts of your website are the main barriers to conversion, you can overcome them. These might be an area of an online form that viewers are finding confusing and is creating questions, or even as far along in the process as the shopping basket. A study by the Online Retail Payments Forecast stated that 20% of viewers never actually make an online purchase. It could be that there are no problems with the site itself, but that people just don’t trust online payment systems and decide to call you to buy instead. Using custom variables to measure this type of activity in the context of the customer’s phone call enables you to make better design decisions which will move more customers to the point of conversion with greater efficiency, whether that be online or by phone.

Additionally, features within call tracking technology such as Call Whisper and real time data connections can give call handlers insight into customer behaviour on your website by telling them which area of your site a caller is on when they call, and what they were searching for before arriving at your site. This means that call handlers are better equipped to answer questions relevant to that section of the site.

ResponseTap, (formerly AdInsight) is one of the few companies that supply call tracking solutions which gives you the ability to observe custom variables within your website. This technology provides you with the most comprehensive data on the path to a phone call conversion currently achievable. This in depth analysis of how consumers are interacting with your website can be invaluable to any business.

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