Posted 21 March 2013

How to make the most of outdoor media in a digital world

How to make the most of outdoor media in a digital world

Despite living in a digital world, traditional marketing still has a prominent place within the advertising world. Traditional marketing such as printed collateral, TV, radio, publications and outdoor media are still widely used, and outdoor media is an area that has evolved, in that it can now integrate with digital marketing by using social media and driving traffic to websites.

Outdoor media can now incorporate new technology as well. Businesses are using screens instead of just posters, and what appears on these screens can be as a result of current activity, for example, a gambling site showing the latest odds on a football game at half time depending on the score.

‘Outdoor media’ covers a multitude of formats of display advertising, and is all around us in the form of screens, posters and wrapped vehicles as well as promotional outdoor activity such as giving away samples and demonstrations. This kind of advertising is designed for impact, and the aim of it, as with every other kind of advertising, is to motivate a specific target audience to respond. It is for this reason that marketers are very selective on where they place outdoor media. For example, a product aimed at younger people such as computer games would be better placed around schools, colleges and universities and might be wasted along a major commuter route into a business centre.

Whilst outdoor media can bring in business by encouraging people to engage digitally, there is no reason that it cannot bring in telephone leads as well by adopting a multichannel approach. You might well invite readers to follow you on Facebook, Tweet or visit your website for more information, but you might also invite people to call you as well. A large majority of people carry mobile phones, and so catching people on the move these days doesn’t mean they won’t call you.

65% of businesses believe that inbound phone calls are their highest quality kind of lead, so if your marketing is triggering calls over clicks, this is definitely a kind of response you would want to develop. It is vital to measure how many calls your outdoor media marketing is creating, but how can you see which advert has prompted a call?

Using call tracking software, you can assign each individual campaign, or even each individual advert, a unique number to enable you to see which advertising has triggered calls. Call tracking software will then collate this data into clear but detailed reporting so that you can assess the effectiveness of each kind of marketing, including the number of leads and sales each has generated and the amount of revenue each has produced.

Using this data, you can also identify which geographic locations as well as which campaigns are producing the best results. Locations and campaigns delivering the best results can be used again and/or built on, locations that are not producing any response can be excluded, and campaigns that are under-performing can be improved or cut back on. This will reduce ineffective marketing spend and improve your marketing ROI.

Outdoor media can be enhanced using digital technology and by integrating with online marketing, but by optimising it for all forms of response and monitoring it using state of the art analytics, you can make the most of the next generation of traditional advertising.

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