Posted 04 July 2013

How to be successful with Facebook marketing

How to be successful with Facebook marketing

Facebook was initially a social tool; for people to share what they had for their dinner and complain about the weather.  These days Facebook can be used as a business tool for marketing; potentially reaching out to a billion people when they are at work, at home and even on the move since it has an easy to use app.  Businesses of all sizes, and not just major brands, can make use of this popular social media site, often without particularly specialised knowledge, and as such it is little surprise that more than 1 million advertisers have paid for ads on Facebook in 28 days in June; an all-time record for the social network.

Adverts on Facebook can be targeted at specific groups of people depending on their purchase history, lifestyle, location, age and more, and as such it is a good way of targeting only those that you believe will be interested in your product.  However, as with every kind of advertising you need to know if what you believe is actually true by monitoring your social media marketing, because you may well be working on some misconceptions.  As a supplier of high end smartphones you may have been targeting Facebook users that are professionals who you believe have the disposable income to buy your products.  Without measuring the results of this marketing activity you won’t be able to ascertain if it has generated leads or sales.  If you monitor your campaign, you might find that those you are targeting on Facebook are not actually buying from you and that you need to change your approach; perhaps targeting a younger audience more prone to spend their cash on gadgets and less likely to have a company phone.

Facebook provides businesses with a way of monitoring the number of click throughs you get from each different advertising campaign and how much you spend on each.  You can get a fbookmonitoringgood general picture of each campaign’s impact from this, but to gain a greater insight you can use other marketing analytics to see how this actually affects your bottom line; the success in terms of actual revenue produced.

Measuring the results of Facebook adverts themselves can be done on web analytics packages by monitoring the number of ‘click throughs’ and whether these progress to leads and/or sales.  There are other ways to measure how your Facebook presence is positively affecting your bottom line.  Many people put a phone number on adverts as well as their Facebook page itself.  By allocating a unique tracked number to each advert and another to your main page you can use call tracking technology to measure how many calls, and phone leads and sales, are as a result of your Facebook marketing.  You can also measure which Facebook activity is producing sales with promo codes to use on your website or printable coupons for in store redemption.


If you are one of the 15 million businesses, companies and organisations with a Facebook page or the 1 million that advertise on Facebook, ensure that you monitor all types of conversions to provide you with a holistic picture of your results to improve your social media marketing.

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