Posted 17 August 2012

How can call tracking software give you a better understanding of your customers? Part 1

How can call tracking software give you a better understanding of your customers? Part 2

One of the most important things to understand in your business is your customer. If you don’t know what your customers’ needs are then how can you possibly meet them? It is vital to gather as much information as possible on your current and potential customers, and armed with this information you can then form an effective marketing plan that will help your business grow.

There are a number of ways that you can learn about your customers and their needs. Most methods count on interaction between yourselves and your customers, and these include customer forums, surveys, questionnaires, interviews and feedback from your front line staff. One of the main problems with these methods is that they require time and effort from your customers. When someone is looking for a service or product, they want fast, efficient service, not to be slowed down with lots of questions. How often have you volunteered to answer an automated survey at the end of a customer service call? Exactly.

Using call tracking technology is a great way of learning about your customers with no effort on their part. It basically shows you the path the customer took to get to your door. ResponseTap (formerly AdInsight) offers a comprehensive visitor level call tracking service that can tell you how a visitor has arrived at your website, as well as the pages they viewed before, during and after a call. For example it can identify which channels are most preferred; Pay Per Click adverts and organic listings through a search engine or by going straight to your website. It can even show you which keyword they used to find you. Call tracking technology can also measure how many people have come to you through other means, such as newspaper adverts or banners.

It can tell you exactly which pages on your site a visitor has looked at leading up to, during and after a call and how long for, how many times they have looked at your site and at what point they have called you.

Call recording services give you access to the recording of any call, and this can enable you to see which information was provided that led them to buy a product or service, or which reason they gave for not buying a product or service.

All of this monitoring gives you a large amount of data on your customers with no effort on their part. Using this data you can build up a picture of how your customer is getting to the point of calling you, and develop a marketing strategy to ensure that more people get to that point, by using the information obtained from call tracking software to better understand your customer.

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