Posted 01 February 2013

How Call Tracking Technology is used within the Travel Industry

How Call Tracking Technology is used within the Travel Industry

According to research by Nielsen and NetRatings, 55% of internet users are booking their holidays online, but a further 17% are buying their holiday by phone after researching online. This makes online marketing one of the most invaluable forms of advertising that a travel company can use and therefore one of the most important kinds of marketing to get right and this makes monitoring your activity crucial.

Online sales can be evaluated with web analytics, which gives you a detailed picture of how your online sales were achieved; how people found your website, which keywords were searched to prompt a website visit that lead to a sale and whether that ‘click’ came as a result of an organic search, a PPC advert or a direct visit. All of this data enables you to look at your most successful SEO and PPC campaigns, build on them and increase or cut marketing spend on less successful campaigns. This means that you can fine tune your online advertising to maximise the number of sales you can achieve online.

However, with nearly a fifth of holidays booked by phone after online research, getting the same level of granular data on these conversions would mean you can also refine your advertising for call conversions. Visitor level call tracking technology links every phone call with website visit data on the origin of every phone call made as a result of a website visit; where the visitor found a site including keywords searched, the path they took through your site, the point at which they called you and how many times they viewed your site and called you before making a purchase. You can get a full visitor history of each visit once they have made a call whether there are days, weeks or even months between visits, providing a holistic view of your marketing activity. You can even see post visit data, so if a number displayed is kept and used at a later date, the call will still be attributed to the marketing activity related to the original search and website visit.

The travel industry is a classic example of an industry that should optimise marketing activity for calls. ‘Extras’ such as car hire, insurance and transfers can usually be added to a holiday package and engaging with a customer personally is a good way to cross sell as well as upsell on rooms and flight bookings; which should result in more revenue per customer. This could be one of the reasons that BIA/Kelsey & ConStat Commerce Monitor’s research showed that 65% of businesses considered inbound phone calls their highest quality lead source.

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With the different types of sales to be potentially attributed to marketing activity, there is a need for marketing analytics that can report on the increasingly important conversion types such as the phone, particularly within the travel industry. This is one of the reasons that ResponseTap are pleased to be exhibiting at Travel Technology Europe 5th -6th February 2013, demonstrating their market leading, visitor level call tracking technology. Visit stand B36 or attend our seminar session on Tuesday 5th at 11.45 to find out how many travel companies are benefiting from call tracking technology in the travel industry.

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