Posted 08 April 2014

Company Spotlight: The Drug Detox

Company Spotlight: The Drug Detox

TheDrugDetox provides a trained intervention facility to ensure that individuals safely detox from drugs and alcohol in a comfortable environment. Their treatment programs include traditional medical, holistic and hybrid detox programs based on an individual’s wants and needs.  They have been using ResponseTap’s call tracking service for 7 months.

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Why use ResponseTap?

A large number of our enquiries come via phone, as people wanted more information on our rather unique approach to detox and the services and facilities we offer.  We wanted to test the different channels and ads that we use and see which were generating the highest number of calls, with the aim of leveraging our higher performing ads and initiatives.

“The ResponseTap call tracking system integrated seamlessly with Google Analytics and so was tremendously helpful in allowing us to segment traffic as well as where phone leads and sales were generated,” said Scott Branch, SEO Manager. “The combined data enabled us to measure all ad performance accurately for optimisation purposes.”

How has using ResponseTap helped you?

Because we were able to track calls driven by our email marketing and banner ads, we could see which approaches were generating actual calls as well as just click throughs.  The fact that ResponseTap’s data is collected in real time means that we can review and optimise our efforts on a day by day or hour by hour basis – as frequently as we want – using the most current data available.

ResponseTap’s user friendly interface has enabled us to create daily reports for C-level executives with the minimum amount of effort, using the most up to date and complete information on the results of our marketing efforts.

ResponseTap’s call recording feature allows us to monitor call centre operations and agent performance and use these insights to improve call handling processes.  We have been able to diagnose issues within the call centre and provide quick solutions this way.  

How are you planning to use ResponseTap in the future?

We plan to continue using the ResponseTap call tracking system to test new and existing ad performance.  Our ultimate long term goal is to tie all confirmed clients back to their origin, in this case the original phone call and the marketing activity or activities that triggered that call.  We see ResponseTap being an essential part of our marketing attribution.

“We have a number of other businesses and pages including Interventions, and based on our current success we have started using ResponseTap with these as well” said Collin Lynch, PPC Manager.

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