Posted 04 March 2014

Company Spotlight: Braant Accounting and Bookkeeping

Company Spotlight: Braant Accounting and Bookkeeping
Company Spotlight: Braant Accounting and Bookkeeping

Braant Accounting and Bookkeeping is a top ten rated firm of Certified Accountants and Bookkeepers. Originating in London, they now have offices in many major cities and every borough in London.  They work with thousands of businesses of all sizes, including British Telecom and Google Campus.  Braant is expanding from a London firm of Accountants to a UK nationwide firm.  Whilst Braant is based in many major towns, Braant Accountants London are one of the biggest suppliers of accountants in North London.

As their marketing is predominantly online, the fact that they were only able to monitor the origins of online leads and not leads via phone was leaving a hole in their data, until ResponseTap was implemented.


Why use ResponseTap?

“We’re unusual for an accounting firm in that we carry out a lot of online marketing,” stated managing partner Bradley Mcloughlin.  “We have always been keen on monitoring the outcome of this with web analytics but with around 65% of our leads coming via the telephone we needed to be able to see which of our marketing activity was triggering these calls.”

How has ResponseTap helped you?

ResponseTap has enabled us to identify the origins of calls down to keyword level.  We have been able to differentiate between the nature of these calls; whether they are genuine leads or if they are cold calls or job enquiries.  This means we have been able to establish which keywords are bringing in ‘low quality’ phone calls.  We have then been able to ‘pause’ words only triggering such calls so that we can really focus on those generating revenue; reducing ineffective marketing spend.

The call recording feature has also proved invaluable in order to give Braant’s callers a better customer experience. “The senior level team are frequently in meetings when calls come in, meaning numbers and messages are often left with the switchboard,” Bradley Mcloughlin continued. “Being able to listen to the initial call made means we have a better brief so we’re prepared for the nature of their enquiry; giving a great first impression.”  This feature also includes the initial greeting stating that calls are monitored and recorded as standard, which meant we didn’t have to find an additional service for this.

Lastly, ResponseTap’s call tracking enabled Braant to set goals for phone leads and conversions in the same way that we had online.  In an industry where personal contact is vital, setting goals for phone interactions is just as, if not more, important in order to ensure that our online marketing is as efficient as possible.

How are you planning to use ResponseTap in the future?

This year we have expanded from only operating in the London area to having regional Braant Accounting and Bookkeeping offices in cities all around the UK.  We now have a page for each regional office, and whilst we currently still use a national number, we are looking at using regional placeholders for these pages in the future.

We will also begin using ResponseTap to monitor which geo-targeted keywords are producing the best quality leads and conversions to the regional offices, in the same way that we have in the London area.

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