Posted 14 April 2011

Call Tracking and Mobile Browsing


If you haven’t read up on mobile browsing recently, there’s a good chance that you’ve missed out on some very interesting statistics. A recent post on the Econsultancy site has a roundup of these useful stats, but we’ve included some of them here too.

66% use mobile search while watching TV, something which should get advertisers thinking, while 61% said they use it at work. (Performics and ROI)
The UK is the fifth biggest mobile internet market globally. (Silicon Alley Insider)
75% said mobile search makes their lives easier, 63% said access to mobile search has changed the way they gather information, and 32% said they use mobile search more than search engines on their computers. (Performics and ROI)
84% use mobile search to look for information on local retailers, such as opening hours, address and contact details. 82% look for online retailers, 73% find a specific product or manufacturer website. (Performics and ROI)

Right around now, you are probably thinking: “Yes, these are very interesting nuggets of information; but how does this have anything to do with call tracking?”

Good question! Put it this way: if you track calls originating from computer based search engines, wouldn’t you want to understand your mobile market too? Luckily, ResponseTap’s call tracking technology is perfectly capable of providing you with these insights.

Just as a unique phone number is generated on your desktop or laptop, the same occurs on a mobile web browser. So whether your customers are looking you up on Google or are coming to your site directly, you’ll still be able to see a clear visitor path when they’re using their mobile*.

Let’s tie this in to the aforementioned statistics. It seems as though many people use mobile browsing for a quick and easy alternative to getting out their laptop or booting up their PC; a staggering 84% use mobile search to look for snippets on their local retailers (opening hours, address, and contact details). Those using smartphones can go from webpage to phone call in a matter of seconds, which makes call tracking even more appealing.

With ResponseTap, you can also have the benefit of call recordings. Imagine that while watching TV, a viewer sees an advert for your company or product. They may be one of the 66% that use a mobile browser when the TV is on. If they find that they need or want some more information, they might call you via your website. These call recordings might enlighten you to how you can tailor your TV advertisements in the future: do they need more detail, are they hooking interest?

There are so many questions that call tracking can help you answer; and it can also open your eyes to aspects you might not have considered before! Check out this recent quote from the Search Engine Journal:

“…after listening to a few of the recorded calls the attention started to quickly shift to the poor customer support and sales skills that these callers were receiving from the actual store owners.

After a further review of these calls we discovered that callers were being put on hold for long periods of time, some were actually hung up on and several went to voicemail during peak business hours. These types of customer support issues can not only be identified by consistently listening to the call recordings, but they can also be used as training tools to improve the overall customer experience.”

This comment pretty much speaks for itself; as if we need to give you any more reasons to start using call tracking! Oh go on then, we’ll end here with another spectacular quote (same source as above):

“Some of these calls can give you insights into certain services or products that potential customers are looking for that you might not offer. Call tracking provides a unique repository of potential business intelligence. The next ‘big idea’ for your company may very well come from one of your potential customers.”

*This is only possible on mobile devices that run JavaScript and where first party cookies are enabled.

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